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Tuition & Fees

Undergraduate In-Seat Courses (per credit hour)      $240
Undergraduate Online Courses (per credit hour) $275
*Active military students' undergraduate online course tuition is $250 per credit hour
Nursing Courses Only (per credit hour) $350
Other Fees
Audit Fee (per credit hour) $90
Graduation Fee $75
Institutional Test-Out Fee $300
Lab Fee (see course descriptions) $40
Parking Fee (yearly) $40
Returned Check Fee $25
Deferred Payment Plan Fee $35
Testing Fee/Standardized Tests (CLEP) $20
Transcript $10


Upon registration, all students are required to pay the entire balance of their accounts (after financial aid awards are considered) by either full payment or through the deferred payment plan (see below).

Timely payment of all tuition and fees is required to continue your attendance at the College. If unforeseen circumstances occur that preclude you from paying in a timely fashion, please contact the Enrollment Service Center office.

We honor Employer Tuition Assistance, Military Tuition Assistance (MTA) and V.A. Vocational Rehabilitation. We also encourage students to apply for financial assistance. For more information please visit the Financial Assistance web site.

Outstanding balance from a previous session
Until the balance is paid, the student will not be allowed to:

  • Register for any subsequent semester
  • Obtain a transcript of academic work
  • Apply for a residence hall room

All fees are subject to change without notice.

For more detailed information about Tuition and Fees, please see the Evening Campus Undergraduate catalog.

Deferred Payment Plan

If a student needs to pay educational expenses in installments, a deferred payment plan may be arranged. The procedure for the deferred payment plan is the following: the balance owed to the College, less certain awarded financial aid, is divided into two equal installments. The first payment is due when the student registers. The second payment is due on or before the final class meeting as stated in the academic calendar or before registering for a subsequent session.

At the end of each eight week session, a 1% monthly finance charge may be assessed against the outstanding balance of the student's account. Students receiving financial aid are required to sign a deferred payment contract during the time of the pending loan.