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Physical & Biological Sciences Department

A female Columbia College graduate in Graduation Gown and Mortarboard

The demand and opportunities for students trained in science and mathematics have grown as dramatically as the scientific diversities over the years. Through the academic programs offered by the Physical and Biological Sciences Department, students learn academic theories and methods, reasoning and technical skills and problem solving approaches that are preparation for success and a critical part of liberal arts education.

The Physical and Biological Sciences Department offers B.A. and B.S. degrees in Biology, a B.A. degree in Chemistry and a B.A. degree in Environmental Studies. The degree programs in the Physical and Biological Sciences Department provide the background necessary for a variety of careers in different areas of science including graduate and professional schools.

The degree programs in the Physical and Biological Sciences Department are established with the following goals:

  1. to provide an education that promotes social and intellectual abilities to observe, study, and explain everyday phenomena;
  2. to provide professional education enabling students to function more effectively as members of the community; and
  3. to provide learning experiences that can be used as a basis for entry-level jobs and higher education such as a graduate and/or a professional degree in fields closely related to basic or health-related, applied areas of sciences.

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Some programs may require the student to take some courses during the daytime or through the Day Campus program. Please contact an academic advisor for guidance or more information.