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Associate in Science in Computer Information Systems

The Associate in Science in Computer Information Systems degree provides an intense exposure to computer programming and the functional applications of computers in the business world.


Degree Requirements:

ENGL 111 English Composition I 3 hrs
General Education Requirements 21 sem. hrs
  Basic Studies 6 hrs
  ENGL 112View Syllabus English Composition II 3 hrs
  CISS 170View Syllabus Introduction to Computer Information Systems or 3 hrs
  CISS 171 Introduction to Computer Information Systems for MAC Users or
  CISS 176 Introduction to Computer Science
  Arts, Humanities and History; Natural Sciences and Mathematics; and Social and Behavioral Sciences (credits distributed to include each of the three areas). History or Literature strongly recommend . 15 hrs
  MATH 150View Syllabus College Algebra or
  MATH 170View Syllabus Finite Mathematics required.
  PSYC 101View Syllabus General Psychology and
  SOCI 111View Syllabus General Sociology or
  ECON 293View Syllabus Macroeconomics and
  ECON 294View Syllabus Microeconomics strongly recommended.
Major Area Requirements 26 sem. hrs
  (Courses in the major cannot be taken as Pass/Fail.)
  CISS 240View Syllabus Introduction to Programming or (CISS 241 and CISS 242) 4 hrs
  CISS 245View Syllabus Advanced Programming or (CISS 243) 4 hrs
  CISS 285View Syllabus Structured Systems Analysis & Design or (CISS 280) 3 hrs
  CISS 325View Syllabus Systems Analysis, Design and Implementation Projects or (CISS 320) 3 hrs
  CISS 350View Syllabus Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures 3 hrs
  CISS 360View Syllabus Computer Systems and Assembly Language 3 hrs
  Choose two of the following: 6 hrs
  CISS 234View Syllabus Visual Basic
  CISS 236View Syllabus COBOL Programming
  CISS 238View Syllabus Java Programming
  CISS 355Syllabus Not Available Directed Study
  CISS 370View Syllabus Operating Systems
  CISS 380View Syllabus Computer Graphics
  CISS 430View Syllabus Database Systems
  CISS 445View Syllabus Programming Languages
Related Area Requirements 9 sem. hrs
  ACCT 280View Syllabus Accounting I 3 hrs
  ACCT 281View Syllabus Accounting II 3 hrs
  Choose one of the following: 3 hrs
  MGMT 152View Syllabus Business Mathematics
  MATH 170View Syllabus Finite Mathematics
  MATH 250View Syllabus Statistics I
Open Elective: 1 sem. hr
  60 sem. hrs


The Associate in Science in Computer Information Systems degree is available at the following locations:

Main Campus, Day Program
Main Campus, Evening Program
Online Campus
Lemoore, CA
Denver, CO
Orlando, FL
Patrick Air Force Base, FL
NAS Jacksonville, FL
Jacksonville, FL
Jefferson City, MO
Springfield, MO
Lake of the Ozarks, MO
Fort Leonard Wood, MO
Hancock Field, NY
Fort Worth, TX