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Faculty & Staff Directory

Athletics FAX
Sports Information FAX
Jon Barfknecht
Athletic Trainer, Athletics
Matt Brock
Assistant Men Basketball Coach, Athletics
Bob Burchard
Director, Men's Basketball Coach, Athletics
Tim Cornell
Head Coach, Cross Country, Athletics
Bryan Curtis
Intramural Coordinator and Facility Manager, Athletics
Mike Davis
Women's Basketball Coach, Athletics
Tyler Galloway
Sports Information Graduate Assistant, Athletics
Meghan Gill
Assistant Soccer Coach, Athletics
Drew Grzella
Assistant Director - Operations & Development, Athletics

Rochelle Hamm
Assistant Athletic Trainer, Athletics
Laura Harris
Assistant Cross Country Coach/Graduate Assistant, Athletics
Scott Jessica
Assistant Softball Coach, Athletics
John Klein
Men's Soccer Coach, Athletics
Kim Kliegel
Coordinator of Athletic Services, Athletics
Cynthia Potter
Associate Director of Athletics/Media Relations and Compliance, Athletics
Wendy Spratt
Women's Softball Coach, Athletics
Denaye Spurling
Assistant Golf Coach, Athletics
John Utley
Head Coach, Golf, Athletics
Nikola Velickovic
Soccer Graduate Assistant, Athletics
Melinda Wrye-Washington
Women's Volleyball Coach, Athletics

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Ste*ens yields both Stevens and Stephens.