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Faculty & Staff Directory

Lindsey Crozier
Academic Advisor 1, Online Campus
Dr. Johanna Denzin
Associate Professor of English, Humanities Department
Heather Ditzer
Instructor of English for Speakers of Other Languages, Humanities Department
Adam Friesz
Processing Specialist, Evaluations, Office of the Registrar
Veronica Gielazauskas
Director of Marketing Intelligence, Marketing
Dan Gomez-Palacio
Assistant Director of Career Services, Grossnickle Career Services Center
Drew Grzella
Assistant Director - Operations & Development, Athletics
Tony Herzog
Evening Custodian, Maintenance
Tim Horzmann
Senior System Operations Manager, Evaluations, Office of the Registrar
Daniel Jimenez
Director, Mail, Imaging, and Printing Services

Jayme Krizanich
Administrative Assistant, Alumni Relations
Brian Lopez
Campus Safety Officer, Campus Safety
Lindsay Lopez
Senior Director of Development, Development
Craig Lutz
Graduate Assistant, Student Engagement and Leadership, Student Affairs
Chris Mazurek, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychology, Psychology and Sociology Department
Matt McKenzie
Instructional Designer, Online Campus
Krista Vachaudez
Academic Advisor, Online Campus
Terri Zeilenga, MA, LPC
Director of Counseling Services, Counseling Services
Dr. Youlong Zhuang
Associate Professor of Business Administration/Management Information Systems, Computer and Mathematical Sciences Department
Scott Ziolko
Senior Evaluator, Evaluations, Office of the Registrar

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