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Faculty & Staff Directory

Jessica Chavez
Admissions Process Coordinator, Admissions
Lindsey Crozier
Academic Advisor II, Online Student Services (OSS)
Dr. Johanna Denzin
Associate Professor of English, Humanities Department
Heather Ditzer
Instructor of English for Academic Purposes, Humanities Department
Reyhan Filiz
Senior Career Specialist, Grossnickle Career Services Center
Veronica Gielazauskas
Director of Marketing Research, Marketing
Dan Gomez-Palacio
Director of Career Services, Grossnickle Career Services Center
Drew Grzella
Associate Director of Athletics, Athletics
Giselle Hernandez
Admin Assistant, Lake County/Great Lakes Campus
Tony Herzog
Custodian, Maintenance
Daniel Jimenez
Director, Mail, Imaging, and Print Services
Jill Keizer
Enrollment Assistant I, Los Alamitos Campus
Danielle Kreutzer
Academic Advisor I, Lake of the Ozarks Campus
Kristen Kreutzer
Admin Assistant, Lake of the Ozarks Campus
Brian Lopez
Campus Safety Officer, Campus Safety
Vincent Lopez
Computer Support Tech, Kansas City Campus
Kathryn Lutz
Admin Assistant, Kansas City Campus
Chris Mazurek, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychology, Psychology and Sociology Department
Matt McKenzie
Instructional Designer, Online Education
Daisy Melendez
Admin Assistant, Orlando Campus
John Mroz
Computer Support Tech, NAS Jacksonville Campus
Tara Orozco
Academic Advisor I, Jefferson City Campus
Tera Palozola
Enrollment Specialist, Enrollment Service Center
Elizabeth Rodriguez
Admin Assistant, Orlando Campus
Elizabeth Rozier
Admissions Process Coordinator, Admissions
Debra Ruszczyk
Admin Assistant, Hancock Field Campus
Eulices Sanchez
Assistant Director, Lake County/Great Lakes Campus
Katherine Sanchez
Records Coordinator, Office of the Registrar
Eric Uradzionek
Tutor, Kansas City Campus
Krista Vachaudez
Academic Advisor, Online Student Services (OSS)
Emily Wetzel
Evaluator, Office of the Registrar
Michelle Wurtz
English Tutor PT,, Springfield Campus
Terri Zeilenga, MA, LPC
Director of Counseling Services, Counseling Services
Lindsay Zeiter
Online Program Specialist, Online Student Services (OSS)
Anita Zeken
Computer Support Tech, Crystal Lake Campus
Dr. Youlong Zhuang
Associate Professor of Business Administration/Management Information Systems, Computer and Mathematical Sciences Department
Scott Ziolko
Senior Evaluator, Office of the Registrar