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Faculty & Staff Directory

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Library Main Number
Technology Services FAX
Technology Services FAX, Technology Services
Sharon Abernathy
Director, Financial Aid
Brooke Arterberry, MS
Doctoral Practicum Student, Counseling Services
Dr. Christopher Babayco
Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Physical & Biological Sciences Department
Wendell Bagby
Day Custodial Supervisor, Maintenance
Steve Bay
Peppy Baylor
Academic Advisor and Administrative Assistant, Education Department
Tony Beasley
Custodian, Maintenance
Patricia Bentley
Custodian, Maintenance
Molly Borgmeyer
Coordinator of Student Conduct, Student Affairs
Todd Boyd
Senior Web Developer, Technology Services
Bruce Boyer
Chief Financial Officer, Business Office
Caley Boyer
Manager, Bookstore - Barnes & Noble
Jennifer Boyt
Assistant Registrar- Military Evaluations, Office of the Registrar
Linda Bradley
Instructor of Education, Education Department
Jason Brynsvold
Content Marketing Coordinator, Marketing
Stacey Bybee
Senior Course Review Specialist, Online Campus
Leslie Carey
Senior Office Coordinator, Student Affairs
Bill Carney
Director of Academic Programs, Online Campus
Sonya Carney
Human Services Adjunct Instructor, Criminal Justice Administration and Human Services Department
Leanne Casey
Marketing Intelligence Manager, Marketing
Linda Claycomb
Instructor of Nursing, Director of Nursing Program; Department Chair, Nursing Department
Sallie C.  Coley
Director of Events, Protocol and Design, Administrative Services
Sallie C. Coley
Director, Events, Protocol and Design
Dr. Scott Dalrymple
President, President's Office
Laura Daugherty
Writer - Coordinator, Alumni Relations
Stephanie DeLaney
Associate Registrar, Student Records & Transcripts, Office of the Registrar
Kate Denehy
Tutoring Coordinator & Writing Skills Specialist, Seabrook Writing Center and Tutoring Services
Lori Doherty
Assistant Registrar, Office Operations, Student Records & Transcripts, Office of the Registrar
Nicole Dyer
Admissions Counselor, Admissions
Sam Fleury
Senior Community and Alumni Relations Coordinator, Alumni Relations
Katie Foley
Regional Admissions Counselor - St. Louis & Southern Illinois, Admissions
Dr. Joyce  Gentry
Associate Professor of Nursing, Nursing Department
Gary Gray
Evening Custodian, Maintenance
Justin Gray
Assistant Director, Digital Marketing , Marketing
Bob Grayson
Campus Safety Officer, Campus Safety
Bob Grayson
Evening Custodian, Maintenance
George Gregory
Evening Custodian, Maintenance
Kay Gregory
Senior Evaluator, Evaluations, Office of the Registrar
Cheryl Hardy, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology, Psychology and Sociology Department
Christopher Hillery
Military & Veteran Outreach Manager, Veterans Service Center

Dr. David Humphrey
Director, Evening Campus
Megan Kelley
Systems Analyst, Technology Services
John Kenerley
Academic Advisor, Academic Affairs
Bob Klausmeyer
Director, Campus Safety
Bob Klausmeyer
Director of Campus Safety, Administrative Services
Kerry Layman
Administrative Assistant , Evening Campus
Linda Loyd
Senior Coordinator - Packaging and Eligibility, Financial Aid
Keith Lyles
Institutional Research Analyst, Institutional Research
Dr. Michael Lyman
Professor of Criminal Justice Administration, Criminal Justice Administration and Human Services Department
Mindy Mackay
Systems Analyst, Technology Services
Stephanie Mallory
Support Analyst, Technology Services
Stacy Maskey
Systems Analyst, Technology Services
Dr. Gary Massey
Dean for Division of AHE, Division of Adult Higher Education
Rene Massey
Associate Dean, Division of Adult Higher Education
Samantha Meyer
Admissions Assistant, Online Campus
Missy Montgomery
Director of Development for Major and Planned Gifts, Development
Angie Myers
System Operations Associate, Evaluations, Office of the Registrar
Brenda Myers
Senior Director of Marketing Strategy, Marketing
Peter Neely
Library Assistant - ILL, Library
Angi Pauley
Office Coordinator, Grossnickle Career Services Center
Glenda Perry
Mail Specialist, Mail, Imaging, and Printing Services
Amber Phinyophan
Administrative Assistant - Transcripts, Online Campus
Dr. Michael Polley
Associate Professor of History, History, Philosophy and Political Science Department
Allyson Presley
Systems Analyst, Technology Services
Kelly Ray
GoArmyEd/eArmyUCoordinator, Division of Adult Higher Education
Sonda Ridgway
Senior Director of Budget and Personnel, Division of Adult Higher Education
Casey Riley
Senior Manager- System Operations, Financial Aid
Jessica Royston
Media Buyer, Marketing
Heidi Saylor
Senior Systems Analyst, Technology Services
Shannon Silvey
Network Engineer - Telephony, Technology Services
Emily Sly
Prospect Coordinator, Online Campus
Stephanie Snyder
Senior Admissions Counselor, Admissions
Matthew Taylor
Programmer/Analyst, Technology Services
Lois Elaine Tumey
Custodian, Maintenance
Ross Turley
Campus Safety Officer, Campus Safety
John Utley
Head Coach, Golf, Athletics
David Vlachynsky
Instructional Tech & AV Engineer, Technology Services
Dr. Joann Wayman
Professor of Business Administration, Business Administration Department
Caitlynd Weekley
Events Coordinator, Events, Protocol and Design
Melinda Wrye-Washington
Women's Volleyball Coach, Athletics
Yukendra Wynn-Armstrong
Senior Veterans Certifying Official, Veterans Service Center
Darnell Young
Custodial Supervisor, Night Shift, Maintenance
Jason Youngquist
Information Security Engineer, Technology Services

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