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Faculty & Staff Directory

Library Main Number
Technology Services FAX
Technology Services FAX, Technology Services
Sharon Abernathy
Director, Financial Aid
Kandace Anthony
Assistant Director, St. Louis Campus
Dr. Christopher Babayco
Associate Professor of Chemistry, Physical & Biological Sciences Department
Wendell Bagby
Day Custodial Supervisor, Maintenance
Beth Bakey
Math Tutor, Fort Stewart Campus
Russ Bartley
Computer Support Tech, Lake of the Ozarks Campus
Jargal Bayaraa
WPS-Denver, Denver Campus
Caitlin Beasley
Academic Advisor I, Fort Leonard Wood Campus
Tony Beasley
Custodian, Maintenance
Patricia Bentley
Custodian, Maintenance
Peggy Berry
Sr Academic Advisor I, Lake County/Great Lakes Campus
Raja Bhattacharya
Director of Entrepreneurship, Fishman Center for Entrepreneurship
Molly Borgmeyer
Title IX Coordinator, Human Resources/Payroll
Todd Boyd
Senior Web Developer, Technology Services
Bruce Boyer
Chief Financial Officer, Business Office
Jennifer Boyt
Systems Analyst, Technology Services
Lee Bradley
Academic Advisor II, Whidbey Island Campus
Linda Bradley
Instructor of Education, Education Department
Maggie Bradley
Records Coordinator, Office of the Registrar
Stacey Bybee
Online Student Support Coordinator, Online Education
April Byrd
Admin Assistant, Fort Stewart Campus
Leslie Carey
Senior Office Coordinator, Student Affairs
Shelly Claybrook
Administrative Assistant, Online Student Services (OSS)
Dr. Linda Claycomb
Assistant Professor of Nursing, Director of Nursing Program; Department Chair, Nursing Department
Sallie C. Coley
Senior Director of Contributor Relations & Stewardship, Development
Cheryl Dalgetty
Night Monitor, Fort Leonard Wood Campus
Elizabeth Dalgetty
Admin Assistant, Fort Leonard Wood Campus
Dr. Scott Dalrymple
President, President's Office
Dr. Tina Dalrymple
First Lady, President's Office
Dr. Tina Dalrymple
Nursing and Health Sciences Program Coordinator, Nursing Department
Stephanie DeLaney
Associate Registrar, Office of the Registrar
Kate Denehy
Coordinator , Seabrook Writing Center and Tutoring Services
Lori Doherty
Assistant Registrar, Office Operations, Office of the Registrar
Mark Embry
Academic Advisor I, Jefferson City Campus
Rachel Enyart
Helpdesk Analyst, Technology Services
Sam Fleury
Associate Director, Public Relations
Corrine Floyd MSN, RN
Sr. Clinical Instructor, Nursing Department
Katie Foley
Admissions Recruiter, Admissions
Dr. Joyce  Gentry
Associate Professor of Nursing, Nursing Department
Gary Gray
Custodian, Maintenance
Justin Gray
Director of Web and SEO Services, Marketing
Bob Grayson
Campus Safety Officer, Campus Safety
Kay Gregory
Academic Advisor, Online Student Services (OSS)
William Gridley
Building Monitor, Salt Lake Campus
Letha Hall-Myrick
Admin Assistant, Lemoore Campus
John Hardy
Director, Fort Worth Campus
Frienchie Harvey Muhammad
Sr Academic Advisor I, Fort Stewart Campus
Maria Haynie
Marketing Communications Coordinator, Marketing
Dr. David Humphrey
Director of Campus Support, Division of Adult Higher Education
Megan Kelley
Systems Analyst, Technology Services
John Kenerley
Academic Advising Coordinator, Academic Affairs
Dorothy Kennedy
Test Proctor, NS Everett - Marysville Campus
Alex Kirby
Admissions Recruiter, Admissions
Bob Klausmeyer
Director, Campus Safety
Bob Klausmeyer
Director of Campus Safety and Custodial Services, Plant and Facilities
Marjean Knokey
Director/Region IV Director, Whidbey Island Campus
Lois Kollmeyer
Clinical Instructor, Lake of the Ozarks Campus
Kerry Layman
Administrative Assistant , Evening Campus
Susan Leahy
Sr Academic Advisor I, St. Louis Campus
Linda Loyd
Senior Enrollment Specialist, Enrollment Service Center
Keith Lyles
Senior Reporting Analyst, Office of Institutional Research
Dr. Michael Lyman
Professor of Criminal Justice Administration, Criminal Justice Administration and Human Services Department
Stacy Maskey
Project Manager, Technology Services
Jim McNally
Assistant Director, Crystal Lake Campus
Missy Montgomery
Director of Development for Major and Planned Gifts, Development
Bill Mulcahy
Building Monitor, Hancock Field Campus
Dr. Ryan Murphy
Visiting Assistant Professor, Computer and Mathematical Sciences Department
Brittany Myers
Admin Assistant, Orlando Campus
Jill Myers
Clinical Instructor, Lake of the Ozarks Campus
Peter Neely
Library Assistant - ILL, Library
Kelly O Bryan
Enrollment Specialist, Enrollment Service Center
David Opdycke
Director, NAS Jacksonville Campus
Angi Pauley
Office Coordinator, Grossnickle Career Services Center
Elmer Payton
Building Monitor, Fort Worth Campus
Glenda Perry
Mail Specialist, Mail, Imaging, and Print Services
Dr. Michael Polley
Associate Professor of History, History, Philosophy and Political Science Department
Allyson Presley
Systems Analyst, Technology Services
Emily Pry
Area Coordinator, Residential Life
Kelly Ray
GoArmyEd/eArmyUCoordinator, Division of Adult Higher Education
Sharilyn Reedy
Clinical Instructor, Lake of the Ozarks Campus
Sonda Ridgway
Senior Director of Budget and Business Operations, Division of Adult Higher Education
Sara Riley
Instructor of Nursing, Nursing Department
Brandy Roddy
Admin Assistant, St. Louis Campus
Jordan Rustemeyer
Assistant Director, Library
Debra Ruszczyk
Admin Assistant, Hancock Field Campus
Heidi Saylor
Senior Systems Analyst, Technology Services
Shannon Silvey
Network Engineer - Telephony, Technology Services
Stephanie Snyder
Senior Admissions Counselor, Admissions
Jordan Staley
Records Coordinator, Office of the Registrar
Harold Stearley
Clinical Instructor, Lake of the Ozarks Campus
Matthew Taylor
Programmer/Analyst, Technology Services
Melanie Taylor
Records Coordinator, Office of the Registrar
Maria Terry
Admin Assistant, Fort Drum Campus
Lois Elaine Tumey
Custodian, Maintenance
John Utley
Head Coach, Golf, Athletics
David Vlachynsky
Instructional Tech & AV Engineer, Technology Services
Dr. Joann Wayman
Professor of Business Administration, Business Administration Department
Caitlynd Weekley
Facilities Coordinator , Plant and Facilities
Melinda Wrye-Washington
Women's Volleyball Coach, Athletics
Alyssa Young
Senior Records Coordinator, Office of the Registrar
Jason Youngquist
Senior Information Security Engineer, Technology Services
Courtney Yount
Enrollment Specialist, Enrollment Service Center
Danielle Yund
Clinical Instructor, Lake of the Ozarks Campus


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