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Faculty & Staff Directory

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Athletics FAX
Evaluations FAX
Office of the Registrar
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Administrative Services
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Financial Aid
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Sports Information FAX
Technology Services FAX
Technology Services FAX, Technology Services
Janie Alexander
Admissions Assistant, Evening Campus
Kathleen Alexander
Adjunct - American Sign Language, Humanities Department
Business Office FAX
Business Office

Division of AHE FAX
Division of Adult Higher Education
Education Office Fax
Institutional Research Fax
Institutional Research
Student Support Services Fax
Student Support Services
Fax #
Veterans Service Center
FAX Health Services
Health Services
Aurelien Mauxion, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Sociology, Psychology and Sociology Department
Monica Maxwell
Evening Custodian, Maintenance
Alesia Poindexter
Senior Processing Specialist, Evaluations, Office of the Registrar
Public Relations FAX
Public Relations
Student Records and Transcripts FAX
Office of the Registrar

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Ste*ens yields both Stevens and Stephens.