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Faculty & Staff Directory

Evaluations FAX
Office of the Registrar
Technology Services FAX
Technology Services FAX, Technology Services
Matt Bevans
Instructional Technology and Audio Visual Engineer, Technology Services
Jason Brynsvold
Content Marketing Coordinator, Marketing
Kimberly Calvert
Budget & Personnel Specialist, Division of Adult Higher Education
Ember Davis
Assistant Director, Events, Protocol and Design
Jamie Davis
Senior Manager - Packaging and Eligibility, Financial Aid
Susan Davis
Senior Director of Alumni Relations, Alumni Relations
Division of AHE FAX
Division of Adult Higher Education
Evaluations Main #
Office of the Registrar
Events, Protocol and Design Main Line
Events, Protocol and Design
Vandy Evermon
Technical Services Librarian, Library
FAX Health Services
Health Services
Michael Garver
Senior Academic Advisor I , Evening Campus
Dennis Grev
Professor Emeritus/Chemistry, Physical & Biological Sciences Department
Elaine Grev
Professor Emerita of Music , Humanities Department
Brenda Grieve
Accounts Payable Manager, Accounting
Donna Markovich
Payment Manager, Business Office

Dr. Jeff Musgrove
VP for Division of AHE, Division of Adult Higher Education
Ben Overberg
Admissions Counselor, Admissions
Registration and Financial Services Main #
Registration and Financial Services
Hannah Rivera
Assistant Manager, Cafeteria/Campus Food Service
Shannon Silvey
Network Engineer - Telephony, Technology Services
Angie Storvick
Senior Evaluator, Evaluations, Office of the Registrar
Dr. Suzanne Tourville
Professor of Mathematics, Chair of the Computer and Mathematical Sciences Department, Computer and Mathematical Sciences Department
Krista Vachaudez
Academic Advisor, Online Campus
Jason Valentine
Assistant Director, Student Relationship Management (SRM), Admissions
Michael Van Duser
Computer Support Specialist, Technology Services
Billy VanBoening
HVAC/Mechanic Supervisor, Maintenance
Marsha VanBoening
Custodian, Maintenance
Dr. Teresa VanDover
Associate Professor of Education, Education Department
Nikola Velickovic
Soccer Graduate Assistant, Athletics
Jason Vipond
Senior Developer, Technology Services
David Vlachynsky
Instructional Tech & AV Engineer, Technology Services
Laurie Weaver
Math Specialist, Math Center

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