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Faculty & Staff Directory

Evaluations FAX
Office of the Registrar
Library Main Number
Yasmin Aguiar
Admin Assistant, Lake County/Great Lakes Campus
Alumni Relations Main #
Alumni Relations
Nate Arbuckle
Instructional Designer, Online Education
Patrick Arsenault
Graduate Assistant, International Center
Carla Aufdemberge
Assistant Director, Events
Debbie Bogucki
Administrative Assistant, School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Milos Bucalo
Systems Analyst, Technology Services
Alisa Buck
Director of Project Management, Technology Services
Kaley Buck
Academic Advisor I, Salt Lake Campus
William Buck
Campus Safety Officer, Maintenance
Bob Burchard
Director, Men's Basketball Coach, Athletics
Faye Burchard
Dean, Student Affairs
Leah Buretta Glenn
Assistant Director, International Center
Randy Burk
Veterans Outreach Manager, Veterans Service Center
Business Office FAX
Business Office
Patricia Cantu
Tutor, NS Everett - Marysville Campus
Janet Caruthers
Director of Stafford Library, Archives
Janet Caruthers
Director, Library
Jennifer Crump
Assistant Director of Office Operations, Admissions
Darla Cuadra
Director, Coast Guard Island Campus
Jerry Culberson
Custodian, St. Louis Campus
Eric Cunningham
Senior Director, AHE Academic Support, Division of Adult Higher Education
Bryan Curtis
Assistant Director of Athletics, Athletics
Colleen Cusumano
Assistant Director, Digital Media, Public Relations
Michael Dalluge
Tutor, Lake County/Great Lakes Campus
Danielle Douglas
Senior Coordinator - Packaging and Eligibility, Financial Aid
Breanna Dumbacher
Web Designer, Marketing
Dr. Novelle Dunathan
Professor Emerita of Education , Education Department
Cindy Dunn
Director of Quality Assurance, Division of Adult Higher Education
Education Office Fax
Robin Elkthunder
Assistant Director, Financial Aid
Sam Fleury
Associate Director, Public Relations
Michael Fues
Programmer/Analyst, Technology Services
John Fulton
Assistant Director, Hunter Army Airfield Campus
Veronica Gielazauskas
Director of Marketing Research, Marketing
Kendall Harcourt
Enrollment Advisor I, Los Alamitos Campus
Frienchie Harvey Muhammad
Sr Academic Advisor I, Fort Stewart Campus
Sarah Hogue
Admin Assistant, Whidbey Island Campus
Shani Hue
Admin Assistant, NS Everett - Marysville Campus
Natasha Huggins
WPS-Ft. Sill, Fort Sill Campus
Susan Hughes
Math Center Coordinator, Math Center
Fax Human Resources
Human Resources/Payroll
Dr. David Humphrey
Director of Campus Support, Division of Adult Higher Education
Nicole Hunt
Test Proctor, Jefferson City Campus
Edward Hunter
Computer Support Tech, Whidbey Island Campus
Walter Huntsucker
Day Custodian, Maintenance
Melissa Jusino
Sr Academic Advisor I, Hunter Army Airfield Campus
Bob Klausmeyer
Director of Campus Safety and Custodial Services, Plant and Facilities
Bob Klausmeyer
Director, Campus Safety
Michelle Klaustermeier
Admin Assistant, Fort Worth Campus
Marsha Knudsen
Director of Field Experience, Education Department
Velda Kossuth
Sr Academic Advisor II, Rolla Campus
Danielle Kreutzer
Academic Advisor I, Lake of the Ozarks Campus
Kristen Kreutzer
Admin Assistant, Lake of the Ozarks Campus
Sandi Kruse
Test Proctor, Fort Leonard Wood Campus
Jenny Kruvand
Admissions Counselor, Admissions
Sandeep Kumar
Systems Analyst, Technology Services
Cyndi Louden
Director of Assessment, Assessment (Academic)
Kayla Luebbert
Administrative Assistant - Campus Support, Division of Adult Higher Education
Jessica Lupardus
Academic Advisor I, Lake County/Great Lakes Campus
Kathryn Lutz
Admin Assistant, Kansas City Campus
Main Number
Mail, Imaging, and Print Services
Roy Matsueda
Academic Advisor II, San Diego Campus
Dr. Aurelien Mauxion
Assistant Professor of Sociology, Psychology and Sociology Department
Chris Mazurek, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychology, Psychology and Sociology Department
Stefanie McCollum
Director, Technology Solutions Center, Technology Services
Ladios Muhammad
Building Monitor, Denver Campus
Bill Mulcahy
Building Monitor, Hancock Field Campus
Darren Munns
Head Baseball Coach, Athletics
Jade Murdock
Specialist, Office of Institutional Effectiveness
Dr. Ryan Murphy
Visiting Assistant Professor, Computer and Mathematical Sciences Department
Dr. Jeff Musgrove
VP for Division of AHE, Division of Adult Higher Education
Mechelle Neuerburg
Tutor, St. Louis Campus
Deborah Nutt
Systems Operations Associate, Office of the Registrar
Online Student Services Main #
Online Student Services (OSS)
Angi Pauley
Office Coordinator, Grossnickle Career Services Center
Ana Paulino
Computer Support Technician Part Time, Patrick Air Force Base Campus
Catherine Peloquin
Test Proctor, Fort Drum Campus
Michael Pogue
Campus Safety Officer, Campus Safety
Barbara Pounders
Director, Redstone Arsenal Campus
Carolyn Preul
Associate Director Alumni Relations & Editor, Affinity Magazine, Alumni Relations
Public Relations
Public Relations
Lincoln Purvis
Video Production Strategist, Marketing
Betsy Quade
Director, Lemoore Campus
Chris Reimund
Sr Academic Advisor I, Jefferson City Campus
Elizabeth Rodriguez
Admin Assistant, Orlando Campus
Dr. David Roebuck
Dean of the School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, Professor of Political Science, School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
Paige Runge
Records Coordinator, Office of the Registrar
Lyndon Russell
Director - Lake County & Illinois Region, Lake County/Great Lakes Campus
Mona Russell
Sr Academic Advisor II, Fort Leonard Wood Campus
Jordan Rustemeyer
Assistant Director, Library
Debra Ruszczyk
Admin Assistant, Hancock Field Campus
Alison Rutledge
Visiting Assistant Professor of English, Language and Communication Studies Department
Molly Sartorius, MEd, LPC
Mental Health Counselor, Counseling Services
Kathryn Simunic
Assistant Director, Human Resources/Payroll
Thomas J. Stauder
Instructor of Business Administration, Business Administration Department
Student Assistant
Human Resources/Payroll
Student Computing Lab
TS Center (Computer Lab)
Student Records and Transcripts FAX
Office of the Registrar
Don Stumpf
Director, Fort Stewart Campus
Dr. Diane Suhler
Associate Professor of Business Administration, Business Administration Department
Dr. Suzanne Tourville
Professor of Mathematics, Chair of the Computer and Mathematical Sciences Department, Computer and Mathematical Sciences Department
Kathy Trabue
International Admissions Manager, Admissions
Kathy Trabue
International Admissions Manager, International Center
Mekyle Tucker
Custodian, Maintenance
Lois Elaine Tumey
Custodian, Maintenance
Kimberly Turner
Enrollment Specialist, Enrollment Service Center
Andy Upham
Advisor, Student Support Services
Eric Uradzionek
Tutor, Kansas City Campus
John Utley
Head Coach, Golf, Athletics
Krista Vachaudez
Academic Advisor, Online Student Services (OSS)
Michael Van Duser
Field Engineer, Technology Services
Brad Wucher
Director of Marketing, Marketing
Lisa Wuest
Admin Assistant, Crystal Lake Campus
Michelle Wurtz
English Tutor PT,, Springfield Campus
Alyssa Young
Senior Records Coordinator, Office of the Registrar
Jason Youngquist
Senior Information Security Engineer, Technology Services
Courtney Yount
Enrollment Specialist, Enrollment Service Center
Danielle Yund
Clinical Instructor, Lake of the Ozarks Campus
Dr. Youlong Zhuang
Associate Professor of Business Administration/Management Information Systems, Computer and Mathematical Sciences Department


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