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Faculty & Staff Directory

Financial Aid Reception Desk
Financial Aid
Help Desk
Help Desk, Technology Services
Danny Aitkens
Groundskeeper, Maintenance
Ken Akers
Instructor of Business Administration, Business Administration Department
Wendy Akins
Admin Assistant, Rolla Campus
Jacob Amelunke
Coordinator-Packaging and Eligibility, Financial Aid
Beth Bakey
Math Tutor, Fort Stewart Campus
Travis Banks
Support Analyst, Technology Services
Jon Barfknecht
Athletic Trainer, Athletics
Jenna Becker
Administrative Assistant , Human Resources
Karen Beckstrom
Director, Elgin Campus
Michael Beneke
Math Tutor, Jefferson City Campus
Paul Berwick
Computer Support Tech, Fort Worth Campus
Brian Bilderback
Assistant Director, Fort Leonard Wood Campus
Jason Black
Director of Data and Gift Administration, Development
Kristin Black
Senior Veterans Certifying Official, Veterans Service Center
Judith Block
English Tutor Part-Time, Rolla Campus
Debbie Bogucki
Administrative Assistant, Nursing Department
Tomas Brock
Assistant Basketball Coach, Athletics
Amy Brooks
Customer Service Coordinator, Mail, Imaging, and Printing Services
Michelle Brooks
Executive Assistant/Office Manager, Technology Services
Vicki Brooks
Course Review Specialist, Online Campus
Alisa Buck
Director of Project Management, Technology Services
Dennis Clark
Computer Support Tech, Coast Guard Island Campus
Sara Clark
Assistant Director, Evening Campus
Terry Clark
Math Tutor, Orlando Campus
Kim Coke
Director of New Student Programs, Student Affairs
Donald Cook
Building Monitor, Lake of the Ozarks Campus
Larry Cook
Groundskeeper, Maintenance
Sheay Cook
Building Monitor, NS Everett - Marysville Campus
Sheila Cook
Enrollment Advisor I, NS Everett - Marysville Campus
Bethany Daniluk
Sr Academic Advisor I, Hancock Field Campus
Elizabeth Dinkins
Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs
Chelsea Eakle
Lab Assistant, Lake of the Ozarks Campus
Robin Elkthunder
Assistant Director, Financial Aid
Dr. Julie Estabrooks
Assistant Professor of Biology; Academic Grants Coordinator, Physical & Biological Sciences Department
Monique Franklin Pierce
Admin Assistant, Fort Worth Campus
M. Chinita Fritts-Brockington
CWS-Hunter Army Airfield, Hunter Army Airfield Campus
Scott Gasparik
General Maintenance, Maintenance
Melissa Gerke
Administrative Assistant, Online Campus
Veronica Gielazauskas
Director of Marketing Intelligence, Marketing
Sarah Goeke
Director, Freeport Campus
Sarah Goeke
CWS-Freeport, Freeport Campus
Rebecca Gordon-Bocklage
Director, Jefferson City Campus
Lisa Gramke
Enrollment Specialist -, Online Campus
Tyler Gramke
Web Developer, Technology Services
Gary Hammock
Night Monitor, Fort Leonard Wood Campus
Jason Hankins
Tutor, Lake County/Great Lakes Campus
Misty Haskamp
Director, Office of Institutional Research
Vanessa Hebrank
Nursing Administrative Assistant, Lake of the Ozarks Campus
Emily Heckenkamp
Student Services Coordinator, Admissions
Merlinda Helmick
Enrollment Advisor I, Fort Stewart Campus
Joie Hendricks
Academic Advisor I, Online Campus
Gretchen Hendrickson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Psychology, Psychology and Sociology Department
Jeff Hickam
Campus Safety Officer, Campus Safety
Suzanne Hickman
Assistant Director of Campus Support, Division of Adult Higher Education
Walter Huntsucker
Day Custodian, Maintenance
Jacob Kahler
Building Monitor, Rolla Campus
Dr. David Karr
Associate Professor of History, History, Philosophy and Political Science Department
Michael Kateman
Executive Director, Development
Michael Kateman
Executive Director, Alumni Relations
Dr. John Keeney
Director, Lake of the Ozarks Campus
Jill Keizer
Enrollment Assistant I, Los Alamitos Campus
Jessica Keller
Women Basketball Head Coach, Athletics
Megan Kelley
Systems Analyst, Technology Services
John Kenerley
Academic Advisor, Academic Affairs
Dorothy Kennedy
Test Proctor, NS Everett - Marysville Campus
Leslie Kennon
Assistant Director of Creative Services, Public Relations
Mary Kerlin
Admin Assistant, Jacksonville Campus
Drew Kerns
Admissions Recruiter, Admissions
Dr. Brian Kessel
Associate Professor of Political Science, Chair of the History and Political Science Department, History, Philosophy and Political Science Department
Aftab Khan
Tutor, Lake County/Great Lakes Campus
Christopher Kidd
Computer Support Tech, Denver Campus
Jiyoon Kim
Research Statistician, Office of Institutional Research
Melissa King
Enrollment Advisor I, Crystal Lake Campus
Bob Klausmeyer
Director, Campus Safety
Bob Klausmeyer
Director of Campus Safety and Custodial Services, Plant and Facilities
Michelle Klaustermeier
Admin Assistant, Fort Worth Campus
John Klein
Men's Soccer Coach, Athletics
Robert Klick
Academic Advisor I, Online Campus
Kim Kliegel
Coordinator of Athletic Services, Athletics
Marjean Knokey
Director, Whidbey Island Campus
Marsha Knudsen
Director of Field Experience, Education Department
Lisa Kochevar
Director, Denver Campus
Truman Koehler
Computer Support Tech, St. Louis Campus
Andrew Koepke
Senior Network Engineer, Technology Services
Jessica Kohler
Instructional Designer, Online Campus
Velda Kossuth
Sr Academic Advisor II, Rolla Campus
Susan Kovack
Temporary Service Employee, Crystal Lake Campus
Ted Krause
Shipping & Receiving Coordinator, Mail, Imaging, and Printing Services
Danielle Kreutzer
Admin Assistant, Lake of the Ozarks Campus
Kristen Kreutzer
Admin Assistant, Lake of the Ozarks Campus
Kirstin Krick
Tutor, Denver Campus
Jayme Krizanich
Administrative Assistant, Alumni Relations
Daniel Kruse
Volunteer Coordinator, Alumni Relations
Sandra Kruse
Test Proctor, Fort Leonard Wood Campus
Kimberly Lake
Clinical Instructor, Lake of the Ozarks Campus
Dr. Nataliya Latushkina
Associate Professor of Mathematics, Computer and Mathematical Sciences Department
Nancy Locke
Custodian, Maintenance
Dr. Brad Lookingbill
Professor of History, History, Philosophy and Political Science Department
Mindy Mackay
Systems Analyst, Technology Services
Donna Markovich
Payment Manager, Business Office
Katherine Markstein
Tutor, Denver Campus
Stacy Maskey
Project Manager, Technology Services
Chris Mazurek, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychology, Psychology and Sociology Department
Matt McKenzie
Instructional Designer, Online Campus
Michael McKeown
Building Monitor, St. Louis Campus
Bradley Meinke
Collections Manager, Archives
Jade Murdock
Compliance Specialist, Office of Institutional Compliance
David Opdycke
Assistant Director, NAS Jacksonville Campus
Christopher Peck
Director, Fort Drum Campus
Michael Perkins, MSW, LCSW
Instructor of Human Services, Criminal Justice Administration and Human Services Department
Jessica Piorkowski
Clinical Instructor, Lake of the Ozarks Campus
Susan Polacek
Manager, Enrollment Service Center
Sandy Recker
Administrative Assistant, Online Campus
Dr. David Roebuck
Professor of Political Science; Chair of the Humanities Department, History, Philosophy and Political Science Department
Henry Rucker
Computer Support Tech, Orlando Campus
Debra Ruszczyk
Admin Assistant, Hancock Field Campus
Dr. Rie Sasaki
Assistant Professor of Biology, Physical & Biological Sciences Department
Randal Schenewerk
Bursar, Business Office
Roger Schenewerk
Custodian, Jefferson City Campus
Shawn Shackelford
Enrollment Specialist, Enrollment Service Center
Shawn Shackelford
Enrollment Specialist -, Online Campus
James Slavick
Building Monitor, Crystal Lake Campus
Michele Smolik
Director of Strategic Initiatives for Online Education, Online Campus
Rachael Sparks
Senior Evaluator, Office of the Registrar
St. Clair Info Desk
Info Desk, Student Success
Gary Stanowski
Chief Information Officer, Technology Services
Carthel Starks
Academic Advisor II, NAS Jacksonville Campus
David Stock
Director, Network Services, Technology Services
Angie Storvick
Senior Evaluator, Office of the Registrar
Matt Strickler
Tutor, Lake of the Ozarks Campus
Hal Trask
Computer Support Tech, Orlando Campus
Mekyle Tucker
Custodian, Maintenance
Nikola Velickovic
Graduate Assistant Men & Women Soccer, Athletics
David Vlachynsky
Instructional Tech & AV Engineer, Technology Services
Garrett Walker
Communication Coordinator, SRM, Admissions
Jared Walker
Custodian, Maintenance
Caitlynd Weekley
Facilities Coordinator , Plant and Facilities
Dr. Miranda E. Wilkerson
Assistant Professor and Coordinator of English for Academic Purposes, Humanities Department
Janette Wilkes
Assistant Director, Enrollment Service Center
Pamela Wilkins
Clinical Instructor, Lake of the Ozarks Campus
Anita Zeken
Computer Support Tech, Crystal Lake Campus
Scott Ziolko
Senior Evaluator, Office of the Registrar