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Faculty & Staff Directory

Technology Services FAX
Technology Services FAX, Technology Services
Yasmin Aguiar
Admin Assistant, Lake County/Great Lakes Campus
Christine Angel
Academic Advisor I, Orlando Campus
Phillip Armstrong
Network Engineer, Technology Services
Carla Aufdemberge
Assistant Director, Events
Wendell Bagby
Day Custodial Supervisor, Maintenance
Jordyn Bange
Veterans Certifying Official, Veterans Service Center
Amber Barringer
Executive Assistant, Enrollment & Marketing
Jeff Barringer
Assistant Director of Day Admissions, Admissions
Debbie Bogucki
Administrative Assistant, Nursing Department
Molly Borgmeyer
Title IX Coordinator, Student Affairs
Kristin Bridges
Test Proctor, Whidbey Island Campus
Leah Buretta Glenn
Assistant Director, International Center
Brittany Cartagena
Admin Assistant, Fort Stewart Campus
Dr. Kristi Miller Clevenger
Associate Professor of Education, Chair of the Education Department, Education Department
Kimberly Craig
Admissions Events Manager, Admissions
Eric Cunningham
Senior Director, AHE Academic Support, Division of Adult Higher Education
Lucia D'Agostino
Reference Librarian, Library
Cheryl Dalgetty
Night Monitor, Fort Leonard Wood Campus
Elizabeth Dalgetty
Admin Assistant, Fort Leonard Wood Campus
Michael Dalluge
Tutor, Lake County/Great Lakes Campus
Narbold Davaamyagmar
WPS-Denver, Denver Campus
Yngve Digernes, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Sociology, Psychology and Sociology Department
Kay Dingler
Instructor of Nursing, Nursing Department
Danielle Douglas
Senior Coordinator - Packaging and Eligibility, Financial Aid
Shannon Eldridge
Senior Evaluator, Office of the Registrar
Felicia English
Campus Admissions Manager, St. Louis Campus
Jason Enright
Financial Aid Coordinator, Financial Aid
Joe Enright
SRM Coordinator, Admissions
Kelly Enright
Office Coordinator, Marketing
Lori Ewing
Administrative Specialist, Counseling Services
Bruce Fong
Computer Support Tech, Hancock Field Campus
M. Fritts-Brockington
CWS-Hunter Army Airfield, Hunter Army Airfield Campus
Molly Gagnon
Computer Support Tech, Rolla Campus
Paul Gagnon
Enrollment Assistant I, Patrick Air Force Base Campus
Lisa Galeski
Sr. Clinical Instructor, Nursing Department
Jennifer Gambichler
Academic Advisor II, Fort Worth Campus
Jessica Gamet
Graduate Academic Advisor, Online Education
Michael Garver
Senior Academic Advisor II-Nursing, Nursing Department
Scott Gasparik
General Maintenance, Maintenance
Joanna Geist
Academic Advisor II, Lake County/Great Lakes Campus
J. Genova
Director, San Luis Obispo Campus
Dr. Joyce  Gentry
Associate Professor of Nursing, Nursing Department
Melissa Gerke
Administrative Assistant - Online Advising Support, Online Education
Veronica Gielazauskas
Director of Marketing Intelligence, Marketing
Roxanne Gifford
Clinical Instructor, Lake of the Ozarks Campus
Meghan Gill
Assistant Soccer Coach, Athletics
Paul Gill
Reporting Analyst, Office of Institutional Research
Byron Gleason
Building Monitor, Crystal Lake Campus
Ty Glenn
HVAC/Mechanical, Maintenance
Keith Glindemann
Director of Veterans Services, Veterans Service Center
Andrew Glines
Campus Safety Officer, Campus Safety
Erin Glover
Academic Advisor I, Evening Campus
Sarah Goeke
Director, Freeport Campus
Jeanette Gold
Senior GoArmyEd Coordinator, Division of Adult Higher Education
Dan Gomez-Palacio
Director of Career Services, Grossnickle Career Services Center
Jennifer Goodell
Academic Advisor II, Hancock Field Campus
Rebecca Gordon-Bocklage
Director, Jefferson City Campus
Cassandra Gordon-Fletcher
Tutor, Lake County/Great Lakes Campus
Ashley Gosseen
Director Instructional Design & Technology, Online Education
Dieke Gosseen
Assistant Director, Systems Operations, Mail, Imaging, and Print Services
Scott Gossett
Online Program Coordinator, Online Education
Lisa Gramke
Enrollment Specialist, Enrollment Service Center
Tyler Gramke
Web Developer, Technology Services
Phyllis Grant
Payroll Manager, Human Resources/Payroll
Gary Gray
Custodian, Maintenance
Justin Gray
Director of Web and SEO Services, Marketing
Bob Grayson
Campus Safety Officer, Campus Safety
Whitney Greenwell
Training Coordinator, Technology Services
Graham Greer
Program Coordinator-Chico, Online Education
Katie Greer
Senior Academic Advisor I, Online Education
Kay Gregory
Senior Evaluator, Office of the Registrar
Kathy Gress
Director, Springfield Campus
Dennis Grev
Professor Emeritus/Chemistry, Physical & Biological Sciences Department
Elaine Grev
Professor Emerita of Music , Humanities Department
William Gridley
Building Monitor, Salt Lake Campus
Brenda Grieve
Accounts Payable Manager, Accounting
Scott Griffin
Network Engineer - SANS/Virtualization, Technology Services
Renee Grosso
Associate Director, Hancock Field Campus
Drew Grzella
Assistant Director - Operations & Development, Athletics
Tiffany Hargis
Military Services Associate, Office of the Registrar
Dorthy Henggeler
Administrative Assistant, Online Education
Teresa Henning
Enrollment Advisor I, Fort Drum Campus
Tiffany Henninger
Senior Records Coordinator, Office of the Registrar
Tony Herzog
Custodian, Maintenance
Graham E. Higgs, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Psychology and Sociology, Professor of Psychology and Education, Psychology and Sociology Department
Sarah Hogue
Admin Assistant, Whidbey Island Campus
Natasha Huggins
CWS-Fort Sill, Fort Sill Campus
Susan Hughes
Math Center Coordinator, Math Center
Andrea Hunting
Senior Coordinator of Communication and Technology, Student Affairs
Christina Ingoglia
Assistant Professor of English, Creative Writing, Humanities Department
Melissa King
Enrollment Advisor I, Crystal Lake Campus
Kim Kliegel
Coordinator of Athletic Services, Athletics
Danielle Langdon
Assistant Professor of Art, Visual Arts and Music Department
Barry Langford
Associate Professor of Criminal Justice Administration, Department Chair, Criminal Justice Administration and Human Services Department
Brooke Leisinger
Manager, Bookstore - Barnes & Noble
Lauren Lenger
Academic Advisor I, Online Education
Bryan Logie
Sr Academic Advisor I, Fort Stewart Campus
Dr. Brad Lookingbill
Professor of History, History, Philosophy and Political Science Department
Sami McGrath
Assistant Science Laboratory Coordinator, Physical & Biological Sciences Department
Matt Meininger
Field Engineer, Technology Services
Heidi Mignonne
Campus Admissions Manager, Lake County/Great Lakes Campus
Andy Monnig
HR Coordinator - Payroll, Human Resources/Payroll
Missy Montgomery
Director of Development for Major and Planned Gifts, Development
Dr. Jeff Musgrove
VP for Division of AHE, Division of Adult Higher Education
Jeanne Naeger
Coordinator, Student Health Services, Health Services
Office of the Registrar Main #
Office of the Registrar
David OHagan
Professor Emeritus of Music , Humanities Department
Ben Overberg
Senior Admissions Counselor, Admissions
Michael Pogue
Campus Safety Officer, Campus Safety
Sonda Ridgway
Senior Director of Budget and Business Operations, Division of Adult Higher Education
Amy Rigg
Assistant Director/Advisor, Student Support Services
Renee Rodgers
Director, Fort Sill Campus
Elizabeth Rodriguez
Admin Assistant, Orlando Campus
David Rogers
CWS-San Diego, San Diego Campus
Ashley Roseberg
Admissions Process Coordinator, Admissions
Dr. David Ruggeri
Assistant Professor of Business Administration, Business Administration Department
Alison Rutledge
Visiting Assistant Professor of English, Humanities Department
Stephanie Sanders Cagle
Director of Student Engagement and Leadership Development, Student Affairs
Bryan Sappington
Director of Residential Life, Residential Life
Morris Savage
Computer Support Tech, Redstone Arsenal Campus
Emily Severeid-Geiss
Student Success Advisor, Student Success
Michael Siegel
Director, Fort Leonard Wood Campus
Piyusha Singh
Vice President of Online Education, Online Education
Jared Standridge
Admin Assistant, Hunter Army Airfield Campus
Harry Strong
Director, Patrick Air Force Base Campus
Student Computing Lab
TS Center (Computer Lab)
Billy VanBoening
HVAC/Mechanic Supervisor, Maintenance
Marsha VanBoening
Custodian, Maintenance
Scott Vinciguerra
Director, Hancock Field Campus
Linda Waage
Senior Coordinator - Client Services, Financial Aid
Brian Wager
Supervisor, Campus Safety
Joshua Wagner
Duplication & Pre-Press Coordinator, Mail, Imaging, and Print Services
Suzanne Wagner
Senior Coordinator - Client Services, Financial Aid
Yao Wang
Web Developer, Technology Services
Dr. Steve Wiegenstein
Director of Graduate Studies, Academic Affairs
Christina Wiggin
Coordinator - Client Services, Financial Aid
Maria Wittenberger
Academic Advisor I, Springfield Campus
Britta Wright
Director, International Center
Dr. Peggy Wright
Associate Professor of Biology, Physical & Biological Sciences Department
Melinda Wrye-Washington
Women's Volleyball Coach, Athletics
Alyssa Young
Senior Records Coordinator, Office of the Registrar
Jason Youngquist
Senior Information Security Engineer, Technology Services
Terri Zeilenga, MA, LPC
Director of Counseling Services, Counseling Services
Dr. Youlong Zhuang
Associate Professor of Business Administration/Management Information Systems, Computer and Mathematical Sciences Department