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Faculty & Staff Directory

Athletics FAX
Facilities FAX
Plant and Facilities
Financial Aid FAX
Financial Aid
Financial Aid Reception Desk
Financial Aid
Maintenance FAX
Technology Services FAX
Technology Services FAX, Technology Services
Diana Acero
Academic Advisor II, Orlando Campus
Nate Arbuckle
Instructional Designer, Online Education
Archives Main #
Dr. Christopher Babayco
Associate Professor of Chemistry, Physical & Biological Sciences Department
Jon Barfknecht
Athletic Trainer, Athletics
Karen Beckstrom
Director, Elgin Campus
Paul Berwick
Computer Support Tech, Fort Worth Campus
Raja Bhattacharya
Director of Entrepreneurship, Fishman Center for Entrepreneurship
Brian Bilderback
Assistant Director, Fort Leonard Wood Campus
Jason Black
Director of Advancement Services, Development
William Bloch
Tutor, Whidbey Island Campus
Debbie Bogucki
Administrative Assistant, School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Tomas Brock
Assistant Basketball Coach, Athletics
Milos Bucalo
Systems Analyst, Technology Services
Alisa Buck
Director of Project Management, Technology Services
Kaley Buck
Academic Advisor I, Salt Lake Campus
William Buck
Campus Safety Officer, Maintenance
Bob Burchard
Director, Men's Basketball Coach, Athletics
Faye Burchard
Dean, Student Affairs
Business Office FAX
Business Office
Michelle Caldwell
Clinical Instructor, Lake of the Ozarks Campus
Deb Calo
Campus Admissions Manager, Hancock Field Campus
Kimberly Calvert
Executive Assistant for the Vice President of AHE, Division of Adult Higher Education
Harmony Camden
Academic Advisor I, St. Louis Campus
Gayla Camoriano
Enrollment Specialist, Enrollment Service Center
Dr. Danny Campbell
Associate Professor of English, Language and Communication Studies Department
Kai Campbell
Director, Salt Lake Campus
Dori Cantrell
Academic Advisor II, Kansas City Campus
Patricia Cantu
Tutor, NS Everett - Marysville Campus
Derick Carew
Computer Support Tech, Fort Stewart Campus
Leslie Carey
Senior Office Coordinator, Student Affairs
Miriam Carlos
Academic Operations Specialist, Online Education
Dr. Joseph Carrier
Associate Professor of Criminal Justice Administration, Criminal Justice Administration and Human Services Department
Brittany Cartagena
Admin Assistant, Fort Stewart Campus
Kathleen Carter
Help Desk Analyst, Technology Services
Janet Caruthers
Director, Library
Janet Caruthers
Director of Stafford Library, Archives
Jennifer Carver
Tutor, Crystal Lake Campus
Kierah Anna Cash
Administrative Assistant, Fishman Center for Entrepreneurship
Anthony Catt
Field Engineer, Technology Services
Marie Celestin
Assistant Director, Orlando Campus
Ming-Yi Chao
UX Information Architect, Marketing
Jessica Chavez
Admissions Process Coordinator, Admissions
Deithre Cheatham
Campus Admissions Manager, Denver Campus
Samantha Chew
Admissions Process Coordinator, Admissions
Dennis Clark
Computer Support Tech, Coast Guard Island Campus
Mark Clark
Program Coordinator, Columbia College at Wentworth Military Academy,
Sara Clark
Assistant Director, Evening Campus
Terry Clark
Math Tutor, Orlando Campus
Bobbette Claxton
Academic Advisor II, St. Louis Campus
Shelly Claybrook
Administrative Assistant, Online Student Services (OSS)
Dr. Linda Claycomb
Assistant Professor of Nursing, Director of Nursing Program; Department Chair, Nursing Department
Shelby Clement
Night Monitor, Fort Leonard Wood Campus
Dr. Kristi Miller Clevenger
Associate Professor of Education, Chair of the Education Department, Education Department
Gerald Clinton
Admin Assistant, Fort Leonard Wood Campus
Russell Cobb
Associate Director, Financial Aid
Richard Cochran
Custodian/Maintenance, Lake of the Ozarks Campus
Kim Coke
Director of New Student Programs, Student Affairs
Brenda Cole
Associate Director, Fort Worth Campus
Sallie C. Coley
Senior Director of Contributor Relations & Stewardship, Development
Dalyn Collins
Enrollment Specialist, Enrollment Service Center
Matt Collins
Veterans Certifying Official, Veterans Service Center
Tonia M.  Compton
Associate Professor of History, History, Philosophy and Political Science Department
Lisa Conner-Collier
Retention Advisor, Online Student Services (OSS)
Donald Cook
Building Monitor, Lake of the Ozarks Campus
Larry Cook
Groundskeeper, Maintenance
Sheila Cook
Enrollment Advisor I, NS Everett - Marysville Campus
Coretta Cort
Admin Assistant, Orlando Campus
Ben Craig
Senior Video Strategist, Marketing
Kimberly Craig
Admissions Events Manager, Admissions
Christopher Crawford
Computer Support Tech, Springfield Campus
Derek Crawford
Building Monitor, Orlando Campus
Ivy Crigler
Academic Advisor I, St. Louis Campus
Connie Crites
Administrative Assistant, Evening Campus
Lindsey Crozier
Academic Advisor II, Online Student Services (OSS)
Jennifer Crump
Assistant Director of Office Operations, Admissions
Darla Cuadra
Director, Coast Guard Island Campus
Jerry Culberson
Custodian, St. Louis Campus
Eric Cunningham
Senior Director, AHE Academic Support, Division of Adult Higher Education
Bryan Curtis
Assistant Director of Athletics, Athletics
Colleen Cusumano
Assistant Director, Digital Media, Public Relations
Suzanne DiCamillo
Program Coordinator, Patrick Air Force Base Campus
Breanna Dumbacher
Web Designer, Marketing
Darrien Echols
Academic Advisor II, St. Louis Campus
Education Office Fax
Enrollment Service Center
Enrollment Service Center
Events Office Main Line
Faye Fairchild, RN, MSN, CPHQ, CNE
Instructor of Nursing, Nursing Department
FAX Health Services
Health Services
Patty Fischer
Executive Director, Human Resources/Payroll
Jennifer Gambichler
Academic Advisor II, Fort Worth Campus
Brianna Garcia
Academic Advisor I PT, San Diego Campus
Dan Gomez-Palacio
Director of Career Services, Grossnickle Career Services Center
Rebecca Gordon-Bocklage
Director, Jefferson City Campus
Gabrielle Gotangco
Administrative Assistant, Online Student Services (OSS)
Letha Hall-Myrick
Admin Assistant, Lemoore Campus
Gary Hammock
Night Monitor, Fort Leonard Wood Campus
Kendall Harcourt
Enrollment Advisor I, Los Alamitos Campus
Emily Heckenkamp
HR Coordinator - Student Employment, Human Resources/Payroll
Merlinda Helmick
Enrollment Advisor I, Fort Stewart Campus
Joie Hendricks
Academic Advisor II, Online Student Services (OSS)
Gretchen Hendrickson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychology, Psychology and Sociology Department
Jeff Hickam
Campus Safety Officer, Campus Safety
Brianna Hickman
Admissions Counselor, Admissions
David Hickman
Visiting Assistant Professor, Business Administration Department
Suzanne Hickman
Assistant Director of Campus Support, Division of Adult Higher Education
Fax Human Resources
Human Resources/Payroll
Walter Huntsucker
Day Custodian, Maintenance
Amy Jackson
Math Tutor PT,, Springfield Campus
Petra Jackson
Building Monitor, Fort Sill Campus
Fresa Jacobs
Instructional Designer, Online Education
Robert Klick
Retention Advisor, Online Student Services (OSS)
Kirstin Krick
Tutor, Denver Campus
Christopher Lee, MEd, LPC
Mental Health Counselor, Counseling Services
Nancy Locke
Custodian, Maintenance
Jenny Lockhart
Clinical Instructor, Lake of the Ozarks Campus
Jennifer Loochkartt
Test Proctor, Fort Worth Campus
James March
Painter, Maintenance
Donna Markovich
Payment Manager, Business Office
Craig McAndrews
Assistant Baseball Coach, Athletics
Amber McCabe
Admissions Event Specialist, Admissions
Esther McClain
Senior Academic Advisor I, Whidbey Island Campus
Stefanie McCollum
Director, Technology Solutions Center, Technology Services
Christopher McDermott
Campus Admissions Manager, Orlando Campus
Kylie McDowell
Senior Financial Aid Coordinator, Financial Aid
Michael McFarland
Accounts Collection Specialist, Business Office
Keith McIver
Director of Development, Development
Matt McKenzie
Instructional Designer, Online Education
Michael McKeown
Building Monitor, St. Louis Campus
Scott McMahon
Assistant Professor of Art, Visual Arts and Music Department
Jim McNally
Assistant Director, Crystal Lake Campus
Tina McNeil
Tutor/Mentor Coordinator, Advisor, Student Support Services
Dr. Melinda McPherson
Assistant Professor of Forensic Science, Criminal Justice Administration and Human Services Department
Molly McPherson
Computer Support Tech, Rolla Campus
Beth McWilliams
Associate Director of Annual Giving, Development
Dr. Peter Monacell
Chair of the Language and Communication Studies Department, Assistant Professor of English, Language and Communication Studies Department
Rene Moncrief
Education Program Coordinator & Advisor, Rolla Campus
Mariam Moncrieffe
CWS-Crystal Lake, Crystal Lake Campus
Brittany Montcalm
Process Coordinator, Evening Campus
Bill Mulcahy
Building Monitor, Hancock Field Campus
Jade Murdock
Specialist, Office of Institutional Effectiveness
Janette Nichols
Campus Admissions Manager, Jefferson City Campus
Will Nichols
Campus Safety Officer, Campus Safety
Louise Ochoa
Instructional Designer, Online Education
Office of the Registrar Main #
Office of the Registrar
Online Student Services Main #
Online Student Services (OSS)
David Opdycke
Director, NAS Jacksonville Campus
Jesica Ortiz-Acosta
Admin Assistant, Lake County/Great Lakes Campus
Michael Pasch
Admin Assistant, Rolla Campus
Anthony Patricelli
Tutor, Lake County/Great Lakes Campus
Christopher Peck
Director, Fort Drum Campus
Michael Perkins, MSW, LCSW
Instructor of Human Services, Criminal Justice Administration and Human Services Department
Dr. Mark Price
Professor of Philosophy, History, Philosophy and Political Science Department
Kathleen Price
Associate Director, Events
Public Relations
Public Relations
Jacob Rackers
Computer Programmer/Analyst, Technology Services
Daniel Radkowiec
Assistant Coach Men & Women's Cross Country & Track, Athletics
Sandy Recker
Administrative Assistant, Online Student Services (OSS)
Nasha Richmond
Academic Advisor, Evening Campus
Kathleen Ritchie
Enrollment Advisor I, NAS Jacksonville Campus
Dr. David Roebuck
Dean of the School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, Professor of Political Science, School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
Debra Ruszczyk
Admin Assistant, Hancock Field Campus
Justus Sackett
Computer Programmer/Analyst, Technology Services
Eulices Sanchez
Assistant Director, Lake County/Great Lakes Campus
Katherine Sanchez
Records Coordinator, Office of the Registrar
Molly Sartorius, MEd, LPC
Mental Health Counselor, Counseling Services
Allen Schelp
Controller, Accounting
Randal Schenewerk
Bursar, Business Office
Roger Schenewerk
Custodian, Jefferson City Campus
Dr. Ann Schlemper
Professor of Mathematics, Computer and Mathematical Sciences Department
Brent Schneider
Director of Facilities, Plant and Facilities
Nefeli Schneider
Director, Denver Campus
Kelli Schnell
Instructor of Nursing, Nursing Department
Diana Schriefer
Director, San Diego Campus
Dan Schwab
Admissions Counselor, Admissions
Tyler Scott
Groundskeeper, Maintenance
Main Shipping and Receiving
Mail, Imaging, and Print Services
Kathryn Simunic
Assistant Director, Human Resources/Payroll
St. Clair Info Desk
Info Desk, Student Success
Mathew Stepanovic
Enrollment Specialist, Enrollment Service Center
David Stock
Director, Network Services, Technology Services
Lisa Stock
English Tutor Part Time, Jefferson City Campus
Angie Storvick
Senior Evaluator, Office of the Registrar
Student Computing Lab
TS Center (Computer Lab)
Student Records and Transcripts FAX
Office of the Registrar
Jennifer Tice
Associate Field Technician, Technology Services
Mekyle Tucker
Custodian, Maintenance
Krista Vachaudez
Academic Advisor, Online Student Services (OSS)
Nikola Velickovic
Financial Aid Coordinator, Financial Aid
David Vlachynsky
Instructional Tech & AV Engineer, Technology Services
Brent Welch
Manager of Purchasing Services, Business Office
Merri Wente-Chapman
Immigration and Support Services Specialist, International Center
Brad Wucher
Director of Marketing, Marketing
Terri Zeilenga, MA, LPC
Director of Counseling Services, Counseling Services


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