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Faculty & Staff Directory

Ken Brodersen
Senior Marketing Coordinator, Marketing
Jason Brynsvold
Content Marketing Coordinator, Marketing
Leanne Casey
Marketing Intelligence Manager, Marketing
Amy Earl
Senior Marketing Coordinator, Marketing
Kelly Enright
Office Coordinator, Marketing
Kat Fourman
Marketing Intelligence Coordinator, Marketing
Veronica Gielazauskas
Director of Marketing Intelligence, Marketing

Justin Gray
Digital Marketing Manager , Marketing
Amanda Iman
Creative Strategist, Marketing
Ann Merrifield
Director of Business Development, Marketing
Barry Moffat
Senior Communications Manager, Marketing
Brenda Myers
Senior Director of Marketing Strategy, Marketing
Lana Poole
Executive Director, Marketing
Jessica Royston
Media Buyer, Marketing

Note: An asterisk (*) can be used as a wild card to find alternate spellings for names:
Ste*ens yields both Stevens and Stephens.