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The Greg Hardwick Gallery

The Greg Hardwick Gallery, created primarily for the exhibition of 3-dimensional art, is also used for alternative media, including video. Greg, a graduate of the Columbia College art department, passed away in 2003 while living in Oakland, California. He was an outstanding musician, printmaker and potter. Funding for this beautiful gallery was largely from a generous gift from his parents, Susan and Bob Hardwick, of Salisbury, Missouri.

The Hardwick Gallery displays professional work by nationally and internationally known artists, and by outstanding Columbia College students. The gallery is under the direction of Bo Bedilion. The Hardwick Gallery is located in Brown Hall on the main campus of Columbia College.

At this time we are not accepting exhibition proposals for the Greg Hardwick Gallery.

Gallery hours:

Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Alexis Dwyer

Semester exhibitions:

James Klueg & Fatih Benzer

Ceramics & painting
August 26 – September 18

Norleen Nosri

September 23 – October 16

Ian Shelly

Ceramics / mixed media
October 21 - November 13

Veronica Watkins

November 18 – December


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