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Though medical schools generally do not have specific requirements as to an undergraduate major, students interested in pursuing a pre-med curriculum typically major in biology or chemistry.

Preparing for medical school

  1. When you start at Columbia College, discuss your goal of attending medical school with your academic advisor.
  2. Identify prospective medical schools early, as the prerequisite undergraduate courses required for admission to each school can vary significantly. 
  3. Familiarize yourself with the topical content of the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT), which is the standardized exam that tests students’ preparation in introductory biology, chemistry and physics, as well as psychology, sociology and biochemistry.
  4. Work with your academic advisor to choose courses that will satisfy the admission prerequisites of your target schools and effectively prepare you for the MCAT. Note that some of these courses might be beyond the requirements of your undergraduate major. 
  5. Pursue practical experiences such as internships, undergraduate research and work-shadowing with practicing physicians. These are highly advantageous in gaining admission to medical school. The Career Services office will assist you in identifying such experiential opportunities.

Further information for pre-med students is available from the Association of American Medical Colleges.


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