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Chemistry major

Chemistry is "the central science"

It is no coincidence that chemistry is often called "the central science". The skills you develop in a rigorous chemistry education are essential to a wide range of careers.

In the chemistry program at Columbia College, you will gain a clear understanding of the underlying principles of chemistry and its methodologies while developing the critical and organizational skills to effectively conduct and analyze research.

Outcomes: Read what Mackenzie Booth, chemistry 2014, had to say about the program.

Possible careers with a chemistry degree

A degree in chemistry from Columbia College can lead to diverse careers in fields such as:

  • Synthetic chemistry
  • Medicinal chemistry
  • Polymer chemistry
  • Materials science
  • Environmental engineering
  • Medical research
  • Crime lab analysis

Chemical industry and chemical education

The primary mission of the chemistry major at Columbia College is to prepare students for employment in the chemical industry or in chemical education by providing them with a clear understanding of the underlying principles of chemistry and the ability to use analytical skills to produce this insight.

Graduate and medical school with a chemistry degree

Because the principles and theories of chemistry are emphasized in the program, students are also furnished with a strong foundation for graduate and professional study in chemistry or health-related professions.

Many students also use their chemistry degree as a platform for graduate study, entering medical or dental school.



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