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Ahoo Tabatabai, Ph.D.

Ahoo Tabatabai Ahoo Tabatabai is an associate professor of Sociology and Chair of the Department of Psychology and Sociology at Columbia College. She earned a PhD in Sociology and an MA in Women’s Studies from the University of Cincinnati, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her areas of teaching and research expertise include gender, sexuality and narratives of identity.

Courses taught

  • Introduction to Theory-Based Research and Writing (PSYC/SOCI175)
  • General Sociology (and Honors General Sociology)(SOCI111)
  • Family (SOCI214)
  • Social Problems (SOCI216)
  • Sociology of Gender (SOCI210)
  • Special Topics (SOCI233)
  • Minority Cultures and Relations (SOCI270)
  • Women and Society (SOCI 310)
  • Gender and Globalization (SOCI 336)
  • Human Sexuality (SOCI385)
  • Sociology of Fashion (SOCI 388)
  • Contemporary Social Theory (SOCI470)
  • Integrative Seminar (SOCI495)
  • Sociology Internship (SOCI499)


Darnell, Amy and Ahoo Tabatabai. 2017. “The Werk That Remains: Drag and the Mining of the Idealized Female Form" in RuPaul’s Drag Race and the Shifting Visibility of Drag Culture, edited by Niall Brennan and David Gudelunas. Springer.

Tabatabai, Ahoo. 2015. Narratives of Sexual Identity: Lesbian, Queer, and Bisexual Women in Heterosexual Relationships, Lexington Books.

Tabatabai, Ahoo. 2013. “Crafting Sexual Authenticity: Women’s Accounts of Relationships.” Narrative Inquiry 22: 69-85. Tabatabai, Ahoo and Annulla Linders. 2011. “Vanishing Act: Non-Straight Identity Narratives of Women in Relationships with Men and Women.” Qualitative Sociology 34: 583-599.

Tabatabai, Ahoo. 2010. “Protecting the Lesbian Border: On Individual and Communal Authenticity.” Sexualities 13:563-581.

Carlton-Ford, Steve, Morton G. Ender and Ahoo Tabatabai. 2008. “Iraqi Adolescents: Self-regard, Self-Derogation, and Perceived Threat in War.” Journal of Adolescence 31:53-75.

Contact Dr. Ahoo Tabatabai

Office Location: STC 225a
Phone Number: (573) 875-7795


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