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Criminology Minor

What is Criminology?

Criminology is a subdivision of the larger field of sociology. Criminologists study the incidence, forms, causes and consequences of crime, as well as social and governmental regulations and reaction to crime. Criminology seeks to understand the social conditions that are associated with crime rates changing over time or why crime rates differ from community to community and from country to country. Criminology examines the social origins of laws as well as the context of their enforcement. Criminology also looks at various forms of punishment, e.g. the history of the prison system.

Why minor in Criminology?

A minor in criminology will broaden your understanding of the social origins of crime. Thus, it is particularly useful for students who plan careers in law enforcement, corrections, social work, as well as the not-for profit sector. A criminology minor will provide you with a thorough understanding of criminological theories, as well as give you a perspective on crime that goes beyond the individual and looks at the underlying social sources of crime and deviance.



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