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Faculty of the Department of History, Philosophy and Political Science Department

Anthony Alioto

B.S., University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh; M.A., PhD., Ohio University

Phone Number: (573) 875-
Email Address:

Dr. David Karr
Dr. David Karr, Associate Professor

B.A. & M.A., University of Alabama in Birmingham; Ph.D., Vanderbilt University.

Office Location: STC 205A
Phone Number: (573) 875-7598
Email Address:


Brian Kessel
Dr. Brian Kessel, Associate Professor

B.A., University of Northern Iowa; Ph.D., University of Iowa

Office Location: STC 207
Phone Number: (573) 875-7625
Email Address:

Brad Lookingbill
Dr. Brad Lookingbill, Professor

B.A., Southwestern Oklahoma State University; M.A. & Ph.D., University of Toledo

Office Location: STC 209
Phone Number: (573) 875-7621
Email Address:


Michael Polley
Dr. Michael Polley, Associate Professor

B.A., St. Joseph's College; M.A., Washington State University; M.A., Temple University; Ph.D., Washington State University

Office Location: STC 204
Phone Number: (573) 875-7620
Email Address:

Dr. Mark Price
Dr. Mark Price, Professor

A.A., Dalton College; B.A., University of Georgia; M.S., Ph.D., University of Missouri

Office Location: STC 212
Phone Number: (573) 875-7538
Email Address:

David Roebuck

M.S.S., Mississippi State University; Ph.D., University of Mississippi

Phone Number: (573) 875-
Email Address:

Portrait of Dr. Terry B. Smith
Dr. Terry Smith, Professor

B.A., Central Methodist College, M.A., Michigan State University, Ph.D., Michigan State University

Office Location: STC 324
Phone Number: (573) 875-7491
Email Address:


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