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History, Philosophy and Political Sciences Department

Political Science Class

The Department of History, Philosophy and Political Science at Columbia College educates students for responsible citizenship, personal fulfillment, intellectual growth and professional advancement. The programs prepare students for graduate schools, law schools, public service, business, journalism, research and education.  See the announcement at right about our success at preparing students for law school.

American Studies

Education, Research, Law and more...


Public relations, Congressional staff, Social work and more...

Political Science

Advocacy, Politics, Lobbying and more...

Public Administration

Government, Nonprofit administration, Public policy and more...


Counselor, Journalist, Professor and more...

News & Updates

Each of the majors within the Department of History, Philosophy and Political Science provide an excellent grounding for continued study at graduate or law school. In fact, more than 95 percent of those who apply for graduate or law school after completing our political science program are accepted into the school of their choice!


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