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Student teaching

What is student teaching?

Student teaching will be your last field experience component of the teacher certification requirements. Student teachers spend 16 weeks in the classroom, with the goal being to assume all responsibilities of the classroom teacher for a minimum of 15 consecutive days.

Letter of Intent

Prior to applying for student teaching, students must submit a Letter of Intent. Students should meet with their advisor to determine approximately when they will student teach. The Letter of Intent is not a binding contract but rather a way for the Education Department to plan ahead for the number of student teachers each semester. Students should submit the Letter of Intent through their "Student Teaching" Google folder* a little more than six months prior to the desired student teaching (December 1 for the following fall student teaching; May 1 for the following spring student teaching).

*All Teacher Certification students must set up two Google folders; one for "TCP" items and one for "Student Teaching" items. Google folders must be shared with

Student teaching application

Student teaching application packets must be submitted no later than September 15 for a spring semester placement the following spring, and January 15 for a fall semester placement the following fall.

For example: Students who plan to student teach in the Spring 2019 semester would need to submit their Letter of Intent by May 1, 2018, and then submit their student teaching application packets by September 15, 2018. Their student teaching placement would be arranged to begin January 2019.

Failure to meet the deadline could result in not securing the desired placement location or postponing student teaching until a later semester.

Students should review the student teaching application guidelines on the Student Teaching Checklist before moving on to the application items below. Items from the checklist that will need to be submitted (into Student Teaching Google folder) or verified include:

Application packets will be reviewed by the student teacher coordinator, and students will be notified when they have been cleared for student teaching.

"House Rule 5"

5 CSR 20-400.330 - Clinical Experience Requirements for Candidates in Professional Education Programs, also known as "House Rule 5"

"Purpose: This rule establishes clinical experience requirements for candidates in professional education programs approved by the State Board of Education in all baccalaureate degree-granting four-year colleges and universities in Missouri."

View the ruling

Students must meet with the field and clinical director to determine if they qualify for this alternative student teaching experience.

Student teaching scholarship

The teach Scholarship is available to students who will be student teaching in the next academic year (Fall 2018 or Spring 2019). Completed applications should be submitted directly to Dr. Teresa VanDover or Dr. Sandra Hamar.


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