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Missouri Educator Gateway Assessments (MEGA)

The state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) has developed a comprehensive approach for assessing the preparation of educators in Missouri.

MEGA is a series of assessments for prospective teachers, guidance counselors, librarians, principals and superintendents.

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These assessments include:

Missouri General Education Assessment (MoGEA)

All Columbia College BEACON students (undergraduate students who have not yet completed a bachelor's degree) are required to pass the MoGEA for admission to the College's Teacher Certification Program (TCP). The assessment includes sections on English language arts, writing, mathematics, science and social science. (This assessment replaced the CBASE.)

Beginning with the 2015-16 academic year, Educator Preparation Programs are able to set their own MoGEA cut scores. From 2015-16 academic year and forward, the cut scores for Columbia College are 220 for each sub-test. Former versions of the MoGEA had other cut scores so students who took the MoGEA prior to August 2015 should contact the CC Education Office for more information.

Study/review help with the MoGEA is available through the Kahn Academy.

Missouri Educator Profile (MEP)

This assessment is designed to measure a person's work style as it relates to the field of education. The MEP is currently required for all students seeking admission to the Teacher Certification Program.

Missouri Content Assessments (MoCA)

These exit exams must be completed by prospective educators, including teachers, counselors, librarians, principals and superintendents, for all areas of certification they are seeking. These assessments replaced the Praxis II.

Official MoCA study guides for most of the certification programs offered at Columbia College are available through the Education Department office which you can reach at (800)231-2391 x7818 or )

Missouri Pre-Service Teacher Assessment (MoPTA)

The MoPTA is required for certification by the state of Missouri for candidates seeking teaching certification and is aligned with Missouri's Teacher Standards and Quality Indicators. Taken during the student teaching experience, the MoPTA assesses instructional capability prior to receiving a license. Additional information about the MoPTA can be found on the MEGA website and in the MoPTA Handbook.

Students may also email the Missouri Office of Educator Preparation with additional questions.


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