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Faculty of the Criminal Justice Administration and Human Services Department

Barry Langford
Barry Langford, Associate Professor

M.S., Juris Doctorate, University of Missouri; Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice Administration, University of Missouri

Office Location: STC 219A
Phone Number: (573) 875-7484

Joseph Carrier
Dr. Joseph Carrier, Associate Professor

B.A., Southeastern Louisiana University; M.A., Ph.D., University of Missouri; Certification in Law Enforcement

Office Location: STC 332
Phone Number: (573) 875-7275

Lia Willis

B.A., MSW, Ph.D., University of Missouri

Phone Number: (573) 875-

Mike Perkins
Michael Perkins, Instructor

B.A., Columbia College; MSW, University of Missouri

Office Location: STC 320
Phone Number: (573) 875-7533


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