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Master of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) offers a balance of theory and practice. The mission of the MBA program is to prepare working adults in the early stages of their careers in small or middle-sized organizations with the knowledge, skills, and personal characteristics that will enhance performance in their present occupation, and prepare them for advancement to upper-level management in the future.

A principal strategy for achievement of this overall goal is to employ a balanced educational approach that includes a rich mixture of business theory and practice. The MBA program complements management development activities which, in combination, prepare working adults for advancement within an organization. To this end, the MBA program enhances career opportunities in the management of business firms or other formally organized enterprises. Therefore, the program centers on a professional approach which balances business theory with practice in the search for knowledge, skills, and methodologies that are useful in formulating strategies for the future in an uncertain and often turbulent business environment.

Degree requirements include common core courses and integrate foundation courses for a minimum of 36 semester hours. It is recommended that the foundation courses must be among the first 18 hours of course work in the MBA program.

For the Accounting Track, an undergraduate degree in accounting, or equivalent coursework, is required as a prerequisite.

The emphasis in Human Resource Management of the MBA program is designed for those candidates who wish to prepare for a professional career in Human Resource Management.

Disclaimer: Degree requirements and the availability of business majors varies by nationwide campus.


Business Administration Department

Degree requirements

The Columbia College Catalog outlines the courses you will need to take to complete your degree program. This includes required courses in your major and general education requirements, as well as elective classes you will select.

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Admission requirements at NS Everett - Marysville

Admission requirements for a Master of Business Administration degree


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