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Bachelor of Arts in Art

Candidates for the Bachelor of Arts in Art complete 38-41 semester hours of general education requirements, including PHIL 330 Ethics; and three hours of a Multicultural requirement. Courses from this list are noted in the major requirements below with an asterisk); and six hours of a foreign language requirement, in addition to the following specific requirements:


Visual Arts and Music Department

Degree requirements

A minimum of 48 semester hours in art. 48 sem. hrs

Foreign Language Requirement: 6 sem.

Multicultural Requirement 3 sem. hrs

  • (Courses from this list are noted in the major requirements below with an asterisk.)

Core requirements: 33 of the 48 semester hours in the following specific courses: (All courses must be completed with a grade of C or higher. Courses in the major cannot be taken as Pass/Fail.) 48 hrs

  • ARTS 111 Art and Ideas I* 3 hrs
  • ARTS 112 Art and Ideas II 3 hrs
  • ARTS 120 Drawing I 3 hrs
  • ARTS 130 Painting I 3 hrs
  • ARTS 140 2-Dimensional Design 3 hrs
  • ARTS 141 3-Dimensional Design 3 hrs
  • ARTS 222 Drawing II 3 hrs
  • ARTS 232 Painting II (not required for students majoring in Graphic Design) 3 hrs
  • ARTS 496 Senior Portfolio 3 hrs
  • ARTS Art History Courses (courses must be upper-level if majoring in Graphic Design) 6 hrs

Twelve semester hours in elective art courses, at least 6 of which must be upper-level.

Selection of one of the following courses: ARTS 271 Ceramics I or ARTS 292 Jewelry I

Completion of a final evaluation by satisfactorily passing ARTS 496 Senior Portfolio, a course designed to assess the outcomes of the major


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