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Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN)

The Columbia College RN to BSN completion program is designed for the licensed professional registered nurse who has experiential knowledge and clinical competency. Courses enhance complex clinical reasoning, decision-making and collaborative skills that contribute to patient safety and quality processes while providing a framework for evidence-based practice. This degree program prepares the RN to assume advanced roles in nursing management, client care and education, as well as to pursue higher degrees in nursing. A total of 120 credits are required to complete the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.

Alabama Disclaimer: "Nursing: State approval of a program to offer Alabama licensed nurses opportunities for advanced degrees does not indicate eligibility for approval to practice as an advanced practice nurse in Alabama. Applicants for approval in Alabama are required to meet the Alabama requirements for national certification, graduation from a specific-type program for the advanced practice approval, and completion of the appropriate application. Any program offering a pre-licensure track to Alabama students shall meet the requirements of the Alabama regulations for pre-licensure programs or the graduates may not be eligible to take the national licensure examination required by the Alabama Board of Nursing to enter practice."

RN to BSN Disclaimer: The RN to BSN degree program is not available to residents in the States of Idaho, Minnesota, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Washington.

Degree Requirements


General Education Requirements

38-41 sem. hrs

  Ethics Course Requirement

3 hrs

  PHIL 330View Syllabus Ethics or 3 hrs
  PHIL 460View Syllabus Biomedical Ethics 3 hrs


Multicultural Requirement

3 sem. hrs


Core Requirements

36 sem. hrs

  All courses must be completed with a grade of C or higher; courses in the major cannot be taken as Pass/Fail.
  15 hours of upper level core coursework must be completed in residency
  MATH 250View Syllabus Statistics I 3 hrs
  CHEM 109View Syllabus Chemistry for Biological and Health-Related Sciences or 3 hrs
  CHEM 110View Syllabus Chemistry I
  PHIL 460View Syllabus Biomedical Ethics 3 hrs
  NURS 212View Syllabus Pharmacology for Nursing 3 hrs
  NURS 310View Syllabus Professional Nursing Practice 3 hrs
  NURS 311View Syllabus Pathophysiology 3 hrs
  NURS 312View Syllabus Principles and Applications of Human Nutrition 3 hrs
  NURS 313View Syllabus Health Assessment 3 hrs
  NURS 410View Syllabus Community Health Nursing 3 hrs
  NURS 411View Syllabus Community Health Nursing Assessment 3 hrs
  NURS 412View Syllabus Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice 3 hrs
  NURS 413View Syllabus Leadership and Management in Nursing Practice 3 hrs


Nursing Electives

6 sem. hrs

  Complete two courses with NURS prefix, one of which must be upper level.



34-37 sem. hrs


120 sem. hrs


Social and Behaviorial Sciences Area Requirement: PSYC 101 highly recommended

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