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Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

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The Computer and Mathematical Sciences Department offers the Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics. The degree provides students a mathematics education in the context of a liberal arts and sciences College. A mathematics major is excellent preparation for professional employment in a variety of areas such as business, technology and actuarial science, for teaching at the secondary school level and for entry into medical or law school. The program is also designed to give mathematics majors a solid background for graduate study, not only in mathematics but in related areas as well.

Degree Requirements


General Education Requirements

38-41 sem. hrs

  For a complete list of general education courses click here‚Äč. For additional information on general education requirements click here.

  Ethics Course Requirement

3 hrs

  PHIL 330View Syllabus Ethics 3 hrs


Multicultural Requirement

3 sem. hrs

  All courses that meet this requirement can be found here


Core Requirements

34-35 sem. hrs

  (All courses must be completed with a grade of C or higher. Courses in the major cannot be taken as Pass/Fail.)
  MATH 201View Syllabus Calculus & Analytic Geometry I 5 hrs
  MATH 222View Syllabus Calculus & Analytic Geometry II 5 hrs
  MATH 225View Syllabus Discrete Mathematics I 3 hrs
  MATH 250View Syllabus Statistics 3 hrs
  MATH 300View Syllabus Multivariate Calculus 3 hrs
  MATH 303View Syllabus Linear Algebra 3 hrs
  MATH 304View Syllabus Introduction to Abstract Algebra 3 hrs
  MATH 380View Syllabus Advanced Calculus

3 hrs
  MATH 493View Syllabus Senior Seminar in Mathematics for Teachers ** or 3 hrs
  MATH 494View Syllabus Senior Seminar in Mathematics**

3 hrs
  One of the following:
  CISS 145View Syllabus Introduction to Python Programming 3 hrs
  CISS 240View Syllabus Introduction to Programming 4 hrs
  CISS 241View Syllabus Programming 3 hrs


Mathematics Electives

12 sem. hrs

  Complete 12 hours from the following courses:
  MATH 305View Syllabus Number Theory 3 hrs
  MATH 325View Syllabus Discrete Mathematics II 3 hrs
  MATH 330View Syllabus History of Mathematics 3 hrs
  MATH 331View Syllabus Foundations of Geometry 3 hrs
  MATH 338View Syllabus Mathematical Statistics and Probability

3 hrs
  MATH 362View Syllabus Introduction to Automata Theory, Languages and Computation or 3 hrs
  CISS 362View Syllabus Introduction to Automata Theory, Languages and Computation

  MATH 370View Syllabus Differential Equations 3 hrs
  MATH 371View Syllabus Introduction to Complex Variables

3 hrs
  MATH 451View Syllabus Introduction to Cryptography and Computer Security or 3 hrs
  CISS 451View Syllabus Introduction to Cryptography and Computer Security 3 hrs


Other Electives

29-33 sem. hrs

  MATH 399View Syllabus Math Teaching Internship*** 1-6 hrs
  120 sem. hrs
  **The courses MATH 494 - Senior Seminar in Mathematics 3 hours and MATH 493 - Senior Seminar in Mathematics for Teachers 3 hours are culminating evaluative courses for the Mathematics program and include the assessment of outcomes of the major. Math 493 is open only to students pursuing teacher certification. All students majoring in mathematics must pass one of these courses.
  ***MATH 399 is highly recommended for those students who seek to attend graduate school in mathematics and/or those who wish to pursue a teaching certificate.

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