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Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems Degree

The Computer and Mathematical Sciences Department offers Bachelor of Science degrees in computer science and computer information systems, management information systems as well as mathematics. The degrees provide a liberal arts education while emphasizing preparation for either graduate school or a rewarding career. Students are provided with a rigorous theoretical background coupled with practical and essential skills to begin either a rewarding career in the computer field or advanced studies in graduate school. The programs reflect important trends and developments in the computer field.

The computer degree programs are based on Computing Curricula 2001 prepared by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and the IEEE Computer Society. The computer science degree has a significant mathematics component while the computer information systems and management information systems degrees require several business courses. The degrees provide a wide variety of elective courses that allow the student to tailor a program of study to match their interests.

Students majoring in Computer Science, Computer Information Systems or Management Information Systems are required to purchase a laptop computer no later than the semester in which they enroll in CISS 245 Advanced Programming.

Degree Requirements


General Education Requirements

38-41 sem. hrs

  Ethics Course Requirement:

3 hrs

  MGMT 368View Syllabus Business Ethics or 3 hrs
  PHIL 330View Syllabus Ethics


Multicultural Requirement

3 sem. hrs

  (Courses from this list are noted in the major requirements below with an asterisk.)


Core Requirements

41 sem. hrs

  (All courses must be completed with a grade of C or higher. Courses in the major cannot be taken as Pass/Fail.)
  CISS 240View Syllabus Introduction to Programming 4 hrs
  CISS 245View Syllabus Advanced Programming 4 hrs
  CISS 285View Syllabus Structured Systems Analysis & Design 3 hrs
  CISS 325View Syllabus Systems Analysis, Design & Implementation Projects 3 hrs
  CISS 350View Syllabus Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures 3 hrs
  CISS 360View Syllabus Computer Systems and Assembly Language 3 hrs
  CISS 430View Syllabus Introduction to Database Systems 3 hrs
  CISS 493View Syllabus Senior Seminar in Computer Information Systems 3 hrs
  ACCT 280View Syllabus Accounting I 3 hrs
  ACCT 281View Syllabus Accounting II 3 hrs
  FINC 350View Syllabus Business Finance 3 hrs
  MATH 250View Syllabus Statistics I 3 hrs
  MGMT 330View Syllabus Principles of Management 3 hrs


Computer Information Systems Electives

18 sem. hrs

  Eighteen hours selected from the following courses:
  CISS 145View Syllabus Introduction to Python Programming or 3 hrs
  CISS 234View Syllabus Visual Basic or
  CISS 236View Syllabus COBOL Programming or
  CISS 238View Syllabus Java Programming
  CISS 355Syllabus Not Available Directed Study 3 hrs
  CISS 370View Syllabus Operating Systems OR 3 hrs
  CISS 301View Syllabus Operating Systems for Business Computing
  CISS 375Download PDF Compiler Construction 3 hrs
  CISS 380View Syllabus Computer Graphics 3 hrs
  CISS 390View Syllabus Global Information Systems Management* 3 hrs
  CISS 391View Syllabus Information Systems Security 3 hrs
  CISS 410View Syllabus Computer Networks and Communications OR 3 hrs
  CISS 302View Syllabus Business Data Communications and Networking
  CISS 420View Syllabus Computer Architecture 3 hrs
  CISS 433Syllabus Not Available Topics in Information Systems 1-3 hrs
  CISS 438View Syllabus Object-Oriented Design and Analysis 3 hrs
  CISS 445View Syllabus Programming Languages 3 hrs
  CISS 450View Syllabus Artificial Intelligence 3 hrs
  CISS 455Syllabus Not Available Directed Study 3 hrs
  CISS 465View Syllabus Software Engineering 3 hrs
  CISS 472View Syllabus Data Warehousing and Decision Support Systems 3 hrs
  CISS 499View Syllabus Internship 1-6 hrs
  NOTE: ECON 294 Microeconomics, MKTG 310 Principles of Marketing, MGMT 362 Organizational Behavior, and PSYC 101 General Psychology are highly recommended courses for this degree.



20-23 sem. hrs


120 sem. hrs


CISS 493 Senior Seminar in Computer Information Systems is the culminating evaluative course for the Computer Information Systems Program and includes the assessment of outcomes of the program. All students majoring in Computer Information Systems must pass this course.

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