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Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

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Because the study of chemistry provides students with both the knowledge of the composition, properties and transformations of chemicals and the ability to analyze, synthesize and quantitate, chemistry is a science central to all other scientific fields. The primary mission of the Chemistry major at Columbia College is to prepare students for employment in the chemical industry or in chemical education by providing them with a clear understanding of the underlying principles of chemistry and the ability to use analytical skills to produce this insight. Because the principles and theories of chemistry are emphasized in the program, students are also furnished with a strong foundation for graduate and professional study in chemistry or health-related professions. Students who have completed the B.S. program in Chemistry from Columbia College should possess:
  1. An understanding of the composition, properties and transformations of inorganic and organic chemical substances.
  2. An understanding of chemical principles, models and theories used to rationalize and predict chemical phenomena.
  3. Proficiency in laboratory skills including chemical synthesis, instrumental analysis and quantitative measurement.
  4. The ability to properly observe experiments, record results, and critically interpret those results through the use of mathematical and statistical analysis.
  5. Competence in scientific writing and oral presentations; familiarity with the use of chemical literature.
  6. An understanding of the importance of ethics and values in their professional lives.
  7. The proper background for employment in chemistry-related technical, industrial or educational fields.
  8. The foundation to continue graduate study in chemistry-related fields or professional health-related programs.

Degree Requirements


General Education Requirements

38-41 sem. hrs

  Ethics Course Requirement

3 hrs

  PHIL 330View Syllabus Ethics or
  PHIL 332View Syllabus (ENVS 332) Environmental Ethics


Multicultural Requirement

3 sem. hrs


Core Requirements

62 sem. hrs

  (All courses must be completed with a grade of C or higher. Courses in the major cannot be taken as Pass/Fail.)
  CHEM 110View Syllabus Chemistry I 3 hrs
  CHEM 111LView Syllabus Introductory Chemistry Laboratory Experience 2 hrs
  CHEM 112View Syllabus Chemistry II 3 hrs
  CHEM 112LView Syllabus Chemistry II Laboratory 2 hrs
  CHEM 306View Syllabus Analytical Chemistry I 5 hrs
  CHEM 307View Syllabus Analytical Chemistry II 5 hrs
  CHEM 310View Syllabus Organic Chemistry I 3 hrs
  CHEM 310LView Syllabus Organic Chemistry I Laboratory 2 hrs
  CHEM 312View Syllabus Organic Chemistry II 3 hrs
  CHEM 312LView Syllabus Organic Chemistry II Laboratory 2 hrs
  CHEM 322View Syllabus Inorganic Chemistry 3 hrs
  CHEM 401View Syllabus (PHYS 401) Physical Chemistry 3 hrs
  CHEM 412View Syllabus Advanced Experimental Chemistry 3 hrs
  CHEM 490View Syllabus Senior Seminar 3 hrs
  MATH 201View Syllabus Calculus and Analytic Geometry I 5 hrs
  MATH 222View Syllabus Calculus and Analytic Geometry II 5 hrs
  PHYS 211View Syllabus Calculus-Based Physics I or 5 hrs
  PHYS 111 College Physics I and
  PHYS 111L College Physics I Lab
  PHYS 212View Syllabus Calculus-Based Physics II or 5 hrs
  PHYS 112 College Physics II and
  PHYS 112L College Physics II Lab


Major Area Electives

8 hrs

  Two of these hours must be from laboratory courses (CHEM 230L, CHEM 420L, or CHEM 425L).
  A maximum of three of these hours may be obtained from internships (CHEM 399 or CHEM 499).
  CHEM 230View Syllabus (BIOL 230) Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 3 hrs
  CHEM 230LView Syllabus (BIOL 230L) Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry Laboratory 2 hrs
  CHEM 399View Syllabus Science Internship 1-3 hrs
  CHEM 420View Syllabus (BIOL 420) Biochemistry I 3 hrs
  CHEM 420LView Syllabus (BIOL 420) Biochemistry I Laboratory 2 hrs
  CHEM 422View Syllabus Biochemistry II 3 hrs
  CHEM 425View Syllabus Forensic Chemistry I 3 hrs
  CHEM 425LView Syllabus Forensic Chemistry I Laboratory 2 hrs
  CHEM 433Syllabus Not Available Topics 3 hrs
  CHEM 499View Syllabus Advanced Science Internship 1-3 hrs
  CHEM Syllabus Not Available Directed Study 255, 256, 257, 355, 356, 357, 455,456, 457 1-5 hrs



6-9 sem. hrs

  120 sem. hrs

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