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Bachelor of Arts in Music Degree

The Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Music is designed to give the student a general experience in music within a liberal arts degree and to allow students to explore a minor in another area. The degree can be successfully combined with a minor emphasis in business administration, religious studies, and communication studies or with a declared minor in education certification leading to K-12 Missouri certification. With the foreign language requirement and the broad scopy of coursework this degree provides for excellent preparation to enter the field of music or for continued graduate study.

Degree Requirements


General Education Requirements

38-41 sem. hrs

  Ethics Course Requirement

3 hrs

  PHIL 330View Syllabus Ethics or
  EDUC 200View Syllabus Law, Ethics, and Education (this course satisfies the Ethics requirement only if the student is pursuing teacher certification)
  Foreign Language Requirement

6 hrs

  Multicultural Requirement

3 hrs

  (Courses from this list are noted in the major requirements below with an asterisk.)


Basic Musicianship Requirements

25 sem. hrs

  All courses must be completed with a grade of C or higher. Courses in the major cannot be taken Pass/Fail.
  *MUS I123Syllabus Not Available Music in World Cultures 3 hrs
  MUSI 134View Syllabus Music Theory I 3 hrs
  MUSI 135View Syllabus Aural Skills I 1 hr
  MUSI 223Syllabus Not Available Music History I 3 hrs
  MUSI 236Syllabus Not Available Music Theory II 3 hrs
  MUSI 237Syllabus Not Available Aural Skills II 1 hr
  MUSI 338Syllabus Not Available Music Theory III 3 hrs
  MUSI 339Syllabus Not Available Aural Skills III 1 hr
  MUSI 440Syllabus Not Available Music Theory IV 3 hrs
  MUSI 441Syllabus Not Available Aural Skills IV 1 hr
  MUSI 326Syllabus Not Available Music History II 3 hrs


Ensemble requirements

7-8 sem. hrs

  MUSI 160/360Syllabus Not Available The Jane Froman Singers 1 X 4 hrs
  Students must take 3-4 semesters at MUSI 160/360 or have achieved junior standing to take 360.
  MUSI 170/370Syllabus Not Available Show Choir (one semester hour) 1 X 2 hrs
  Students must complete MUSI 170/370 twice or have achieved junior standing to take 370.
  MUSI 180/380Syllabus Not Available Chamber Choir 1 hr
  Students must complete MUSI 180 or have achieved junior standing to take 380.
  MUSI 183/383Syllabus Not Available Opera/Musical Theatre Workshop 1 hr
  Students must complete MUSI 183 or have achieved junior standing to take 383.


D. Applied Music Requirements

14 sem. hrs

  Students must choose either the vocal/choral or piano/accompanying track. Students must complete two semesters of applied lessons at each level to advance through the course sequence. MUSI 400 must be taken concurrently with MUSI 274 or 284.
  Track A: Vocal Choral/Studies
  MUSI 101View Syllabus Recital Attendance (must be taken every semester) 0 hrs
  MUSI 181/182/283/284Syllabus Not Available Applied Voice Lessons (students must complete two semesters of applied lessons at each level) 1 X 7 hrs
  MUSI 174View Syllabus Class Piano I 3 hrs
  MUSI 275Syllabus Not Available Class Piano II 3 hrs
  MUSI 400/490Syllabus Not Available Recital 1 hr
  Track B: Piano/Accompanying Studies
  MUSI 101View Syllabus Recital Attendance (must be taken every semester)
  MUSI 171/172/273/274Syllabus Not Available Applied Piano Lessons 1 X 7 hrs
  MUSI 184Syllabus Not Available Class Voice I 3 hrs
  MUSI 285Syllabus Not Available Class Voice II 3 hrs
  MUSI 400/490Syllabus Not Available Recital 1 hr


Open Electives

32-36 sem. hrs

  Following are four minor areas of study that will prepare the student for work or continued study in the areas of music education, stage performance, music management or church music leadership. Choosing a directed cluster of electives coursework is recommended but not mandatory.
  Directed Music Education Cluster:
  A declared minor in Education Certification is required. Courses required for state certification to teach are marked below with an asterisk. 22 sem. hrs
  *MUS I353Syllabus Not Available Basic Conducting 2 hrs
  MUSI 300Syllabus Not Available Diction for Singers 3 hrs
  MUSI 322View Syllabus Masterpieces of Music 3 hrs
  MUSI 323View Syllabus Music of the United States 3 hrs
  *MUS I351Syllabus Not Available Choral Arranging 2 hrs
  *MUS I352Syllabus Not Available Introduction to Choral Literature 2 hrs
  MUSI 354Syllabus Not Available Accompanying Techniques 2 hrs
  *MUS I386Syllabus Not Available Advanced Choral Techniques, Literature & Conducting 5 hrs
  Directed Speech Communication Cluster:

20 sem. hrs

  COMM 220View Syllabus Introduction to Theatre 3 hrs
  COMM 224View Syllabus Film History and Analysis 3 hrs
  COMM 320View Syllabus Advanced Theatre 3 hrs
  COMM 360View Syllabus Oral Interpretation of Literature 3 hrs
  COMM 380View Syllabus Performance Studies 3 hrs
  MUSI 183/383Syllabus Not Available Opera/Musical Theatre Workshop 1 hr
  COMM 420View Syllabus Advanced Acting and Production Techniques 3 hrs
  COMM 399/499Syllabus Not Available Communication Internship 1 hr
  Directed Business Administration Cluster:

20 sem. hrs

  ACCT 280View Syllabus Accounting I (Financial) 3 hrs
  MGMT 150View Syllabus Introduction to Business 3 hrs
  COMM 393View Syllabus Organizational Communication 3 hrs
  MGMT 330View Syllabus Principles of Management 3 hrs
  MKTG 310View Syllabus Principles of Marketing 3 hrs
  ARTS 140View Syllabus 2-D Design 3 hrs
  ARTS 216View Syllabus Graphic Design I 1 hr
  MGMT 499Syllabus Not Available Internship 1 hr
  Directed Religious Studies Cluster:

19 sem. hrs

  PHIL 201View Syllabus Introduction to Western Philosophy 3 hrs
  PHIL /RELI202Syllabus Not Available Introduction to Eastern Philosophies & Religions 3 hrs
  PHIL /RELI350Syllabus Not Available Philosophy of Religion 3 hrs
  RELI 101View Syllabus Religion and Human Experience 3 hrs
  RELI /HIST381Syllabus Not Available History of Christianity: The Early Church 3 hrs
  RELI /HIST382Syllabus Not Available Christianity in the Modern World 3 hrs
  PHIL 455/399Syllabus Not Available Directed Study/Internship 1 hr


A candidate for the baccalaureate degree with a major in Music must pass, with a satisfactory rating (grade of C or higher), MUSI 400 Recital as a culminating evaluative experience.

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