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Bachelor of Arts in Human Services

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For students currently working in the field of human services, or otherwise have considerable work experience, the Bachelor of Arts in Human Services is recommended. The BA prepares students with the knowledge, values, and skills, necessary to enhance their career within the helping professions working with, and within, human service agencies. Students develop skills to work with client systems at the individual, family, group, and community level.

Degree Requirements


General Education Requirements

38-41 sem. hrs

  Ethics Course Requirement

3 hrs

  PHIL 330View Syllabus Ethics 3 hrs


Foreign Language Requirement

6 sem. hrs

  For information on how to fulfill the foreign language requirement click here.


Multicultural Requirement

3 sem. hrs

  All courses that meet this requirement can be found here.


Core Requirements

33 sem. hrs

  All must be completed with a grade of C or higher. Courses in the major cannot be taken Pass/Fail.
  HUMS 105View Syllabus Introduction to Human Services 3 hrs
  HUMS 250View Syllabus Working with Individuals 3 hrs
  HUMS 300View Syllabus Exploring Research 3 hrs
  HUMS 325View Syllabus Case Management 3 hrs
  HUMS 335View Syllabus Working with Groups 3 hrs
  HUMS 340View Syllabus Working with Families 3 hrs
  HUMS 345View Syllabus Working with Communities and Organizations 3 hrs
  HUMS 365View Syllabus American Social Policy or 3 hrs
  SOCI 365View Syllabus American Social Policy 3 hrs
  HUMS 495View Syllabus Senior Seminar 3 hrs
  PSYC 101View Syllabus General Psychology 3 hrs
  SOCI 270View Syllabus Minority Cultures and Relations * or 3 hrs
  ANTH 270View Syllabus Minority Cultures and Relations * 3 hrs


Human Services Electives

12 sem. hrs

  Chosen from below:
  HUMS 310View Syllabus Military Case Work 3 hrs
  HUMS 333Syllabus Not Available Topics 3 hrs
  HUMS 350View Syllabus Social Gerontology or 3 hrs
  SOCI 350View Syllabus Social Gerontology 3 hrs
  HUMS 375View Syllabus Disabilities 3 hrs
  HUMS 380View Syllabus Substance Abuse 3 hrs
  HUMS 385View Syllabus Mental Health 3 hrs
  HUMS 390View Syllabus Child Welfare 3 hrs
  SOCI 421View Syllabus Class, Status and Power 3 hrs



25-28 sem. hrs


Total Semester Hours

120 sem. hrs

  As the Culminating Evaluative Experience, all students must complete HUMS 495 - Senior Seminar 3 hours with a grade of C or higher.

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