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Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies

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As one of the original seven liberal arts, the study of communication is over 2500 years old. Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies commit to a culturally significant and vital education. As a foundation to all other academic fields, the study of oral and written communication emphasizes critical thinking and writing. The Communication Studies major serves students and their communities by exploring the ways in which individuals create, maintain, and alter their identities in artistic, face-to-face, and mediated ways. Because of its historical and philosophical underpinnings, Communication Studies complements all other academic programs.

Degree Requirements


General Education Requirements

38-41 hrs

  Ethics Course Requirement

3 hrs

  PHIL 330View Syllabus Ethics 3 hrs


Foreign Language Requirement

6 sem. hrs


Multicultural Requirement

3 sem. hrs

  Courses in the major that meet this requirement are noted below with an asterisk.


Core Requirements

18 sem. hrs

  (All courses must be completed with a grade of C or higher. Courses in the major cannot be taken as Pass/Fail.)
  COMM 230View Syllabus Introduction to Communication Theory and Research 3 hrs
  COMM 303View Syllabus Intercultural Communication* 3 hrs
  COMM 323View Syllabus Argumentation and Persuasion 3 hrs
  COMM 344View Syllabus Visual Communication and Culture 3 hrs
  COMM 360View Syllabus Oral Interpretation of Literature 3 hrs
  COMM 495View Syllabus Speech Communication Integrative Seminar 3 hrs



15 sem. hrs

  Fifteen semester hours selected from the courses listed below. No more than three hours of COMM 399 or 499 can count toward the major.
  COMM 203View Syllabus Understanding Human Communication 3 hrs
  COMM 214View Syllabus Mass Media and Society 3 hrs
  COMM 220View Syllabus Introduction to Theatre 3 hrs
  COMM 224View Syllabus Film History and Analysis* 3 hrs
  COMM 233/433Syllabus Not Available Topics 3 hrs
  COMM 304View Syllabus Introduction to Screenwriting 3 hrs
  COMM 313View Syllabus Interpersonal Communication 3 hrs
  COMM 320View Syllabus Advanced Theatre 3 hrs
  COMM 324View Syllabus Film Styles & Genres: 3 hrs
  COMM 334View Syllabus Political Economy of Film and Media 3 hrs
  COMM 343View Syllabus (WMST 343) Gender Communication 3 hrs
  COMM 354View Syllabus Social Media and Virtual Communities 3 hrs
  COMM 380View Syllabus Performance Studies 3 hrs
  COMM 385View Syllabus Performance Styles and Genres 3 hrs
  COMM 393View Syllabus Organizational Communication 3 hrs
  COMM 399/499Syllabus Not Available Communication Internship 3 hrs
  COMM 404View Syllabus Media Criticism 3 hrs
  COMM 420View Syllabus Advanced Acting and Production Techniques 3 hrs


Related Interdisciplinary Electives

6 sem. hrs

  Six 300-400-level semester hours of electives chosen from the following areas of study: Art, English, Geography, History, Journalism, Management, Marketing, Music, Religious Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology and Women's Studies.



31-34 sem. hrs

  120 sem. hrs

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