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Associate in Science in Pre-Engineering

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The Associates in Science in Pre-Engineering degree is designed for students who plan to transfer into an engineering bachelor's degree program after completing their general education and preliminary math/science courses at Columbia College. It is extremely important for students to work with an advisor to select elective coursework appropriate to the type of engineering they plan to study and to the institution that they plan to transfer to.

Students who are not prepared to take calculus during their first session or semester should not expect to complete this degree in four semesters or five sessions.

The Associate in Science in Pre-Engineering can only be completed through the Day Campus and Rolla Campus

Degree Requirements


English Composition I

3 sem. hrs

  ENGL 111View Syllabus English Composition I 3 hrs


General Education Requirements

24-26 sem. hrs

  For a complete list of general education courses click here‚Äč. For additional information on general education requirements click here.

  CISS 170View Syllabus Introduction to Computer Information Systems or 3 hrs
  CISS 171View Syllabus Introduction to Computer Information Systems for MAC Users or 3 hrs
  CISS 176View Syllabus Introduction to Computer Science

3 hrs
  COMM 110View Syllabus Introduction to Speech

3 hrs
  ECON 293View Syllabus Macroeconomics or 3 hrs
  ECON 294View Syllabus Microeconomics

3 hrs
  ENGL 112View Syllabus English Composition II

3 hrs
  MATH 201View Syllabus Calculus and Analytic Geometry I or 5 hrs
  MATH 215View Syllabus Differential Calculus 3 hrs
  Syllabus Not Available


Arts, Humanities, History, Social & Behavioral Sciences

6 sem. hrs

  HIST 121View Syllabus American History to 1877 or 3 hrs
  HIST 122View Syllabus American History Since 1877

3 hrs
  HIST 102View Syllabus Western Civilization II or 3 hrs
  POSC 111View Syllabus American National Government

3 hrs
  Two additional courses are chosen by the student in consultation with an advisor.


Major Area Requirements

26-27 sem. hrs

  CHEM 110View Syllabus Chemistry I 3 hrs
  CHEM 111LView Syllabus Introductory Chemistry Laboratory Experience

2 hrs
  MATH 222View Syllabus Calculus and Analytic Geometry II or 5 hrs
  MATH 226View Syllabus Integral Calculus Part I and
  MATH 235View Syllabus Integral Calculus II

6 total hrs
  MATH 300View Syllabus Multivariate Calculus 3 hrs
  MATH 370View Syllabus Differential Equations 3 hrs
  PHYS 211View Syllabus Calculus-Based Physics I 5 hrs
  PHYS 212View Syllabus Calculus-Based Physics II 5 hrs


Major Area Electives

3-5 sem. hrs

  BIOL 110View Syllabus Principles of Biology I and 3 hrs
  BIOL 110LView Syllabus Principles of Biology I Laboratory

2 hrs
  CHEM 112View Syllabus Chemistry II and 3 hrs
  CHEM 112LView Syllabus Chemistry II Laboratory

2 hrs
  CISS 238View Syllabus Java Programming

3 hrs
  CISS 240View Syllabus Introduction to Programming or 4 hrs
  CISS 241View Syllabus Programming I

3 hrs
  ENGL 204View Syllabus Technical Writing

3 hrs
  GEOL 110View Syllabus Introduction to Physical Geology and 3 hrs
  GEOL 110LView Syllabus Introduction to Physical Geology Laboratory

2 hrs
  MATH 303View Syllabus Linear Algebra 3 hrs
  MATH 338View Syllabus Mathematical Statistics and Probability 3 hrs



0-4 sem. hrs


Total Semester Hours

60 hrs

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