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Associate in Science in Nursing

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The Associate in Science in Nursing Program is offered at two sites - at the Home Campus in Columbia, Missouri and at the Lake Ozark Campus. The program is open to individuals who have no prior nursing education and to individuals who hold a Licensed Practical Nursing license.

The program is approved by the Missouri State Board of Nursing.

The program is designed to prepare the graduate for a nurse generalist role. Graduates are awarded an Associate in Science in Nursing degree and are eligible to apply for the Registered Nursing Licensure Examination. *

The curriculum consists of general education, mathematics and science courses and specific nursing courses. Students are required to complete all of the general education, mathematics and science courses before entering the Nursing Course Sequence.

Columbia College systematically reviews the curriculum to ensure that students are prepared for a position in the nursing field. As a result the prerequisite requirements noted in the Undergraduate Catalog are periodically updated to reflect coursework that best supports degree completion. Although not required, students are highly encouraged to transfer to the most recent catalog year in order to complete the prerequisite courses that have been identified as best aiding in the successful completion of the Nursing Course Sequence.


Admission to the associate in science in nursing program is on a selective basis. Students are admitted to the nursing course sequence twice a year with selection being made in August and January. Students are admitted to the nursing course sequence once a year at the Lake of the Ozarks campus with selection being made in January.

The maximum number of students is 32 per campus (home campus and Lake of the Ozarks). This number is made up of a combination of non-LPN and LPN students.  

All candidates for the nursing program are expected to meet general admission requirements to the College. Acceptance to Columbia College does not guarantee acceptance to the Nursing Course Sequence. Selection criteria for the Nursing Course Sequence: 

  1. Completion of the Nursing prerequisite courses, NURS 209 Introduction to Nursing or at least one year of documented clinical experience in a health care setting. An admission committee of nurse faculty will determine the adequacy of health care experience and will require the student to successfully complete a clinical skills test. There is a $50 fee for this test.
  2. Completion of the general education, mathematics and science courses. Students may elect to complete NURS 209, one or more of their remaining general education, mathematics, or science courses in the eight week session between the time of submission of the nursing application and the start of the nursing classes. Students are limited to a maximum of six semester hours of coursework during an eight-week session. Students registering for more than six hours will be required to have overload approval.
  3. Minimum of an overall GPA of 2.75 for the general education, mathematics, science courses and NURS 209 and be in good academic standing within Columbia College. A minimum grade of 'C' is required for all prerequisite courses.
  4. Possess the necessary functional abilities to provide safe and effective patient care. **
  5. LPN students must submit a copy of LPN license (current and undisciplined) for the state of Missouri.
  6. A criminal background check is required for all students accepted into the nursing program. Directions will be included in the student's acceptance letter.
  7. Selection of nursing students will be based on the GPA of the Nursing Program prerequisite courses and the TEAS score.
  8. Additional requirements for those selected for the Nursing Program: 
    • Urine drug test
    • Physical forms, including documentation of immunizations/titers
    • Current CPR certification by the American Heart Association, Health Care Providers course.

* Successful completion of the program does not guarantee eligibility to take the licensure examination. According to the Nursing Practice Act, licensure may be withheld or revoked. More information is available on the Nursing Program Website and in the Nursing Program Information document.

**Functional abilities to meet the role of the nurse include: behavioral/emotional abilities, cognitive abilities, communication abilities, professional conduct, psychomotor skills, and sensory/perceptual abilities.

These Functional Abilities are described in the Nursing Student Handbook.

Degree Requirements


Required Courses

41 sem. hrs

  (Courses in the major cannot be taken as Pass/Fail.)
  BIOL 110View Syllabus Principles of Biology I 3 hrs
  BIOL 110LView Syllabus Principles of Biology I Laboratory 2 hrs
  BIOL 221View Syllabus Clinical Microbiology and 3 hrs
  BIOL 221LView Syllabus Clinical Microbiology Laboratory or 2 hrs
  BIOL 312View Syllabus Microbiology 3 hrs
  BIOL 312LView Syllabus Microbiology Lab 2 hrs
  BIOL 223View Syllabus Anatomy 3 hrs
  BIOL 223LView Syllabus Anatomy Laboratory 2 hrs
  BIOL 326View Syllabus Physiology 3 hrs
  BIOL 326LView Syllabus Physiology Laboratory 2 hrs
  CHEM 109View Syllabus Chemistry for Biological and Health-Related Sciences or 3 hrs
  NURS 209View Syllabus Introduction to Nursing 6 hrs
  PSYC 101View Syllabus General Psychology 3 hrs
  ENGL 111View Syllabus English Composition I 3 hrs
  ENGL 112View Syllabus English Composition II 3 hrs
  MATH 106View Syllabus Intermediate Alegebra or higher level math 3 hrs


Nursing Sequence Courses

36 sem. hrs

  (All courses must be completed with a grade of C or higher.)
  NURS 210View Syllabus Fundamentals of Nursing* 6 hrs
  NURS 211View Syllabus Mental Health Nursing 3 hrs
  NURS 212View Syllabus Pharmacology for Nursing 3 hrs
  NURS 213Syllabus Not Available Foundations of Professional Nursing 6 hrs
  NURS 214Syllabus Not Available Medical Surgical Nursing I 6 hrs
  NURS 215Syllabus Not Available Medical Surgical Nursing II 6 hrs
  NURS 216Syllabus Not Available Women's and Infant's Health 6 hrs

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