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Associate in Science in Criminal Justice Administration

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The Associate in Science in Criminal Justice Administration is a comprehensive two-year program designed to allow specialization within the field while integrating the interdisciplinary perspectives of sociology and psychology.

Degree Requirements


English Composition I

3 sem. hrs

  ENGL 111View Syllabus English Composition I 3 hrs


General Education Requirements

21 sem. hrs

  For a general education course listing click here‚Äč. For general education requirement information click here.
  Basic Studies

6 hrs

  ENGL 112View Syllabus English Composition II 3 hrs
  CISS 170View Syllabus Introduction to Computer Information Systems or 3 hrs
  CISS 171View Syllabus Introduction to Computer Information Systems for MAC Users or 3 hrs
  CISS 176View Syllabus Introduction to Computer Science 3 hrs
  Arts, Humanities and History; Natural Sciences and Mathematics; and Social and Behavioral Sciences

15 sem. hrs

  Credits distributed to include each of the three areas
  PSYC 101View Syllabus General Psychology 3 hrs
  SOCI 111View Syllabus General Sociology (recommended) 3 hrs


Major Area Requirements

24 sem. hrs

  Courses in the major cannot be taken as Pass/Fail.
  CJAD 101View Syllabus Introduction to Criminal Justice Administration 3 hrs
  CJAD 311View Syllabus Police in a Democratic Society 3 hrs
  CJAD 345View Syllabus Ethics & Morality in Criminal Justice 3 hrs
  CJAD 350View Syllabus Corrections and Penology 3 hrs
  POSC 340View Syllabus Judicial Process 3 hrs
  Choose at least three of the following:
  CJAD 301View Syllabus Criminal Law 3 hrs
  CJAD 405View Syllabus Laws of Criminal Evidence 3 hrs
  CJAD 410View Syllabus Drug Abuse and Crime Control 3 hrs
  CJAD 415View Syllabus Criminal Procedures 3 hrs
  CJAD 451View Syllabus Management of Criminal Justice Agencies 3 hrs
  SOCI 331View Syllabus Juvenile Delinquency 3 hrs


Major Area Electives

9 sem. hrs

  Six semester hours must be criminal justice electives. The remaining 3 hours must be from one of the following: criminal justice, sociology, political science or psychology.


Open Elective

3 sem. hrs


Total Semester Hours:

60 sem. hrs

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