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Associate in Science in Human Services

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The Associate in Science in Human Services is designed to assist students in developing empirically based knowledge and practice skills fundamental for responsible and effective application within the Human Service field.

Degree Requirements


ENGL 111 English Composition I

3 sem. hrs


General Education Requirements

21 sem. hrs

  Basic Studies
  CISS 170View Syllabus Introduction to Computer Information Systems or 3 hrs
  CISS 171 Introduction to Computer Information Systems for MAC Users or
  CISS 176 Introduction to Computer Science
  ENGL 112View Syllabus English Composition II 3 hrs
  Art, Humanities and History; Natural Sciences and Mathematics; and Social and Behavioral Sciences (credits distributed to include each of the three areas.) 15 hrs


Major Area Requirements

15 sem. hrs

  (Courses in the major cannot be taken as Pass/Fail.)
  HUMS 105View Syllabus Introduction to Human Services 3 hrs
  HUMS 250View Syllabus Working with Individuals 3 hrs
  HUMS 335View Syllabus Working with Groups 3 hrs
  HUMS 340View Syllabus Working with Families 3 hrs
  Three hours from one of the following:
  HUMS 300View Syllabus Exploring Research 3 hrs
  HUMS 345View Syllabus Working with Communities and Organizations 3 hrs
  HUMS 365View Syllabus (SOCI 365) American Social Policy 3 hrs
  SOCI 270View Syllabus (ANTH 270) Minority Cultures and Relations 3 hrs


Human Services Elective

3 sem. hrs



18 sem. hrs


60 sem. hrs

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