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Campus Resources & Facilities

To enrich the learning experience, Columbia College offers the following resources and facilities:

Stafford Library

Stafford Library, built in 1989, contains approximately 80,000 volumes and offers resources such as the Library of American Civilization and a curriculum resources center.

Whether you actually walk through the library doors or access the library through the Internet, you'll find Stafford Library to be a valuable resource. Students also have access to the Internet and more than 60 databases for online searching.

Through MOBIUS, students are able to borrow books from other college and university libraries throughout the state of Missouri. Columbia College participates in an exchange program with the libraries at the University of Missouri and Stephens College and also may use libraries at the University of Missouri and Stephens College by showing their student ID cards.

Computer Lab

The computer lab offers access to computers, network and software technology to individual students. It is open to all enrolled students. Students use the lab to access the Internet, type term papers and work on various class projects. Students may also set up e-mail accounts in the lab. Each residence hall is also equipped with a computer lab for accessing the Internet, typing papers and checking e-mail. Students may also install personal computers in their residence hall rooms. Internet access is available at no charge to the student.

Computer Help Desk

The computer help desk supports the campus in computer and network use. It provides a single point of contact for questions concerning telephone service, email and connecting computers to the campus network.

Mathematics Center

The Mathematics Center provides academic tutoring services for students enrolled in a 100- or 200-level math course, from Beginning Algebra to Calculus II and Statistics I. These services are provided free of charge to students enrolled for credit in a course offered through the mathematics department at the Columbia College home campus and are not available to students taking online courses.

Writing Center

The Writing Center provides free individual assistance and tutorials to students working on papers assigned in any course taught on the home campus (Non-online courses). Its professional staff can help students with their class work by working with students on a one-to-one basis or in small groups. The Writing Center also offers tutoring in a variety of content areas. See Tutoring Across the Curriculum below.

Tutoring Across the Curriculum

Tutoring Across the Curriculum offers free assistance on a walk-in basis for a variety of classes, such as anthropology, biology, business courses, chemistry, history, physics, political science, and psychology.

Cooperative Agreement

Columbia College has entered into a cooperative cross-enrollment agreement with the University of Missouri-Columbia and Stephens College. A full-time student may take undergraduate courses at these institutions if the desired course is not offered during the semester at Columbia College. The classes taken at the University or Stephens College will be added to the semester hours at Columbia College and tuition will be charged accordingly.

Larson Gallery

The Larson Gallery is located on the first floor of Brown Hall. It features periodic exhibitions of visual art including works from practicing artists and various collections. It is free and open to the public. Art Department website

Launer Auditorium

Community as well as campus events are held in Launer Auditorium. Student Activities sponsors a variety of special events on campus including entertainment and lectures.

Individual Academic Advising

Full-time faculty, serving as academic advisors, assist students in creating a personally relevant plan for educational, career and life fulfillment.

Student Services

Columbia College also offers a multitude of student services.


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