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Non-Degree Seeking Students

The Non-Degree Seeking status is designed for part-time students who do not seek an academic degree at Columbia College. Enrollment as a Non-Degree Seeking student neither guarantees automatic admission to degree seeking status nor does it necessarily impact an admission decision. Non-Degree Seeking students in the Day Program must earn a minimum 2.0 grade point average and must reapply each semester.

Non-Degree Seeking students are not eligible for financial aid. Students enrolling at Columbia College under this status may be considered for degree seeking status in a subsequent term by completing the regular application process.

Students who wish to apply for Non-Degree Seeking status must complete the online application for undergraduate admission. Enrollment is on a space-available basis only. Course selections may be limited. Students under this status must be cleared for enrollment through the Office for Academic Affairs. Non-Degree Seeking students must provide proof that course prerequisites have been met.

Non-Degree Seeking students who enroll in twelve or more hours in the Day program are considered full-time students. Enrolling as a Non-Degree Seeking student does not negate the residence hall requirement.

For more in-depth information about Non-Degree seeking status, read the Admission PoliciesPDF document icon section of the Undergraduate Catalog.

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