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Women's Studies Minor


Minor Requirements

A. Required Courses (9 hrs)

Students must take the following three courses in order to fulfill the Women's Studies minor. Students pursuing a Women's Studies minor are strongly encouraged to take SOCI 111 General Sociology.

WMST/SOCI 210 The Sociology of Gender 3 hrs
WMST/SOCI 310 Women & Society 3 hrs
WMST/ANTH/SOCI 336 Global Perspectives on Women and Development 3 hrs

B. Electives (9 hrs)

Students must take a minimum of nine hours from the following list of courses.

EDUC 105 Human Health 3 hrs
COMM 380 Performance Studies 3 hrs
SOCI 214 Family 3 hrs
SOCI/ANTH 270 Minority Cultures and Relations 3 hrs
SOCI 421 Class, Status and Power 3 hrs
PSYC 385 Human Sexuality 3 hrs
WMST/HIST 322 Women and Gender in World History 3 hrs
WMST 333 Topics: "Gender Related" 1-3 hrs
WMST/COMM 343 Gender Communication 3 hrs
WMST/HIST 373 Women and Gender in American History 3 hrs,
WMST/SOCI 485 Feminist Theory and Methodology 3 hrs


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