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International Relations Minor


Minor Requirements

The minor in International Relations is designed to provide students with a multidisciplinary approach to the understanding of international affairs. The core requirements emphasize the fundamental structural features of the international system and the nature of interactions among actors (states, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, etc.) at the international level. The International Relations minor will be especially useful to students preparing for careers in public service, international organizations and international business, or preparing for graduate study in the field of International Relations or Political Science.

Students preparing for this minor are strongly encouraged to take ECON 293 Macroeconomics and HIST 112 World History Since 1500.

HIST 234 History of Latin America
A. Required Courses6 hrs
POSC 292International Relations3 hrs
POSC 326International Law and Organization or POSC 360 U.S. Foreign Policy3 hrs
B. Comparative Political systems6 hrs
Choose a minimum of two courses from this category.
POSC 317Politics of Russia and Eurasia3 hrs
POSC 321Politics of Developing Nations3 hrs
POSC 331European Politics3 hrs
POSC 353Asian Politics3 hrs
POSC 333Topics: "Area of Study" *3 hrs
*"Area of Study": The requirements for this category can also be met with one or more appropriate sections of POSC Topics: in regional area studies. Examples of acceptable courses include Latin American Politics, African Politics, Middle Eastern Politics, etc.
C. Electives6 hrs
Choose a minimum of two courses from this category. Up to three semester hours of foreign language or Culture and Society credit can be applied toward the electives requirement. Students may count a maximum of 6 semester hours for both their major and their minor.
ANTH/HIST 319History and Democracy of the Modern Middle East3 hrs
ECON/FINC 495International Finance3 hrs
ENGL 234 World Literature II 3hrs
HIST 312American Diplomatic History3 hrs
HIST 314Modern China3 hrs
HIST 316Modern Japan3 hrs
HIST 336 Twentieth Centry Europe3 hrs
HIST/PHIL 340Philosophy of Revolution3 hrs
MGMT 338 International Business3 hrs
MGMT 339Cross-Cultural Management3 hrs
MKTG 410Global Marketing3 hrs
PHIL/RELI 202 Introduction to Eastern Philosophies and Religions 3 hrs
POSC 326 International Law and Organization or POSC 360 U.S. Foreign Policy3 hrs
POSC/CJAD 370 Dynamics of Terrorism 3 hrs


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