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Intergenerational Studies Minor


Minor Requirements

An interdisciplinary minor providing students from varying academic disciplines with the theoretical, methodological, and practical skills necessary to work
in the burgeoning field of Intergenerational Studies, which focuses on the benefits of bringing the geriatric population and children together.
This program emphasizes knowledge of human development across the life span, knowledge of research and policy in the field of child development and geriatrics, an understanding of the societal demographics that necessitate the need for such programs, and finally, will emphasize significant sociological research on "bridging" the relationship, those that work to hold communities together.

A. Required Courses (18 hours)
EDUC/PSYC 391Child Psychology 3 hrs
HUMS/SOCI 350 Social Gerontology 3 hrs
HUMS/SOCI 365 American Social Policy 3 hrs
HUMS 390 Child Welfare3 hrs
PSYC 330 Lifespan Developmental Psychology3 hrs
SOCI 111 General Sociology 3 hrs
B. Three Hours from one of the following:
HUMS 340 Working with Families 3 hrs
PHIL 460 Biomedical Ethics 3 hrs
PSYC 395 Adult Psychology 3 hrs
SOCI 214 Family 3 hrs


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