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Finance Major


Major Requirements

Students who elect to earn a major in Finance must complete nine semester hours of required courses and nine semester hours of elective courses drawn from the courses listed below. Courses in the major cannot be taken as Pass/Fail.

Required Courses 9 hrs

FINC 354 Investments 3 hrs
FINC 395 Financial Markets and Institutions 3 hrs
FINC 498 Comprehensive Financial Planning 3 hrs

Elective Courses 9 hrs

ACCT 381 Federal Income Tax-Individual 3 hrs
ACCT 386 Managerial and Cost Accounting 3 hrs
FINC 295 Risk and Insurance 3 hrs
FINC 396 Corporate Finance 3 hrs
FINC 397 Principles of Real Estate 3 hrs
FINC 410 Sports Finance 3 hrs
FINC 433 Topics 3 hrs
FINC 495 International Finance 3 hrs
FINC 496 Financial Management 3 hrs
FINC 499 Internship in Business 3 hrs (maximum)


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