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Accounting Major


Major Requirements

Students who elect to earn a major in Accounting must complete nine semester hours of required courses and nine semester hours of elective courses drawn from the courses listed below. Courses in the major cannot be taken as Pass/Fail.

Required Courses 9 hrs

ACCT 382 Intermediate Accounting I 3 hrs
ACCT 383 Intermediate Accounting II 3 hrs
ACCT 386 Managerial and Cost Accounting 3 hrs

Elective Courses 9 hrs
ACCT 381 Federal Income Tax-Individuals 3 hrs
ACCT 384 Intermediate Accounting III 3 hrs
ACCT 385 Accounting Information Systems 3 hrs
ACCT 481 Federal Income Tax-Corporations 3 hrs
ACCT 485 Fund and Government Accounting 3 hrs
ACCT 488 Advanced Financial Accounting 3 hrs
ACCT 489 Auditing I 3 hrs
ACCT 490 Auditing II 3 hrs
FINC 396 Corporate Finance 3 hrs

Three hours of Accounting Internship or three hours of Directed Study may be substituted for one of the elective courses.


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