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Crime Scene Investigation Certificate

Students desiring a concentration in the identification, documentation and preservation of evidence at crime scenes may choose a Certificate in Crime Scene Investigation as part of their degree completion plan. The CSI certificate will appear on the student's academic transcript and provide evidence that the student has satisfied academic requirements for departmentally recognized courses in the area.

Certificate Requirements: Students are required to complete a mandatory 9 semester hour core block of courses with 6 additional discretionary hours chosen from a list of pre-approved courses.

Disclaimer: Degree requirements and the availability of business majors varies by nationwide campus.


Degree Requirements:

A. Required courses 9 sem. hrs
  CJAD 201View Syllabus Criminal Investigation 3 hrs
  CJAD 203View Syllabus Crime Scene Investigation 3 hrs
  CJAD 303View Syllabus Crime Scene Photography 3 hrs
B. Elective courses 6 sem. hrs
  (Taken from the following list)
  FRSC 305View Syllabus Forensic Anthropology 3 hrs
  FRSC 327View Syllabus Fingerprint Evidence 3 hrs
  CJAD 328View Syllabus Shooting Incidents 3 hrs
  CJAD 333/433Syllabus Not Available Topics (Departmental approval required) 3 hrs
  CJAD 413View Syllabus Bloodstain Evidence 3 hrs
  FRSC 445View Syllabus Forensic Pathology 3 hrs
C. Total Required: 15 hrs


The Crime Scene Investigation Certificate degree is available at the following locations:

Main Campus, Day Program
Online Campus
St. Louis, MO