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Bachelor of Science in Public Administration

The Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in public administration are interdisciplinary degrees incorporating coursework in public administration, political science, management, psychology and other other academic fields. Available internships provide students a unique opportunity to explore possible career options and to attain 'hands on' experience to supplement their coursework. These degrees prepare students for positions in state and local or national government, health care administration, non-profit management and similar workplaces. Graduates may pursue careers in such areas as urban planning, city management, hospital and clinic administration, fundraising or other positions for non-profit organizations, or international relief agencies.


Degree Requirements:

A. General Education Requirements 38-41 sem. hrs
  Ethics Course Requirement 3 hrs hrs
  PHIL 330View Syllabus Ethics
B. Foreign Language Requirement 6 sem. hrs
C. Multicultural Requirement
  Courses in the major that meet this requirement are noted with an asterisk.
D. Public Administration Core 57 sem. hrs
  ECON 293*View Syllabus Macroeconomics* 3 hrs
  ECON 294View Syllabus Microeconomics 3 hrs
  HUMS 345View Syllabus Working with Communities and Organizations or 3 hrs
  PSYC 336View Syllabus Industrial/Organizational Psychology or
  SOCI 112*View Syllabus Organizations and Institutions
  HUMS 365View Syllabus (SOCI 365) American Social Policy or 3 hrs
  PADM 399View Syllabus Public Administration Internship (additional three hours strongly recommended) or
  POSC 312View Syllabus (ENVS 312) Environmental Politics or
  POSC 360View Syllabus U.S. Foreign Policy
  MATH 250View Syllabus Statistics I or 3 hrs
  BIOL 324View Syllabus (PSYC324/SOCI 324) Statistics for the Behavioral and Natural Sciences
  MGMT 330View Syllabus Principles of Management 3 hrs
  MGMT 360View Syllabus Organizational Theory or 3 hrs
  MGMT 362View Syllabus Organizational Behavior
  PADM 311View Syllabus MGMT 311/POSC 311) Public Administration & Policy 3 hrs
  PADM 315View Syllabus (POSC 315) American Public Policy 3 hrs
  PADM 320View Syllabus Non-Profit Organization and Management 3 hrs
  PADM 325View Syllabus Public Financial Resources Management 3 hrs
  PADM 330View Syllabus Public Human Resources Administration 3 hrs
  PADM 335View Syllabus Methods of Public Decision Making 3 hrs
  PADM 340View Syllabus Values and Ethics in Public Administration 3 hrs
  PADM 395View Syllabus (POSC 395) Political Science & Public Administration Research Methods 3 hrs
  PADM 399View Syllabus Public Administration Internship 3 hrs
  PADM 495View Syllabus (POSC 495) Independent Study in Political Science and Public Administration 3 hrs
  POSC 111View Syllabus American National Government 3 hrs
  POSC 215View Syllabus State and Local Government 3 hrs
E. Minor (Optional) 18 sem. hrs
  Students are encouraged to complete a minor in a related field. Suggested minors are Business, Criminal Justice Administration, Human Services, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology.
F. Electives (with minor included) 1-4 sem. hrs
G. PADM/POSC 495 is the culminating experience course for all students receiving the Bachelor of Science in Public Administration.


The Bachelor of Science in Public Administration degree is available at the following locations:

Main Campus, Day Program
Main Campus, Evening Program


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