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Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

Sociology is the study of society. It is a social science involving the study of the social lives of people, groups, and societies. It is the study of our behavior as social beings, covering everything from the analysis of short contacts between anonymous individuals on the street to the study of global social processes. Sociology is the scientific study of how our lives are shaped by social institutions, such as family, schools, religious institutions, mass media, government, etc. It includes the analysis of social issues and problems such as poverty, crime, deviance, racism, sexism, homophobia, as well as the analysis of social change, e.g. through policy, social movements, cultural phenomena, technological innovations, or new ideas and values. A Bachelor's degree in Sociology prepares students to pursue graduate study in sociology and in other related areas such as business law, public policy, urban planning, and social work. It also develops valuable skills in data analysis, social trend research, program evaluation and organizational management that are highly marketable for entry positions and occupational advancement in business, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. Sociology graduates enter a wide range of fields, from teaching to advocacy.


Degree Requirements:

A. General Education Requirements 38-41 sem. hrs
  Ethics Course Requirement 3 hrs
  PHIL 330View Syllabus Ethics 3 hrs
B. Foreign Language Requirement 6 sem. hrs
C. Multicultural Requirement 3 sem. hrs
  (Courses from this list are noted in the major requirements below with an asterisk.)
D. Core Requirements: 21 sem. hrs
  (All courses must be completed with a grade of C or higher. Courses in the major cannot be taken as Pass/Fail.)
  SOCI 111*View Syllabus General Sociology* or 3 hrs
  SOCI/ANTH 112 General Anthropology
  SOCI 270*View Syllabus (ANTH 270) Minority Cultures and Relations* 3 hrs
  SOCI 324View Syllabus (PSYC/BIOL 324) Statistics for the Behavioral and Natural Sciences 3 hrs
  SOCI 325View Syllabus (PSYC 325) Quantitative Research Methods or 3 hrs
  SOCI/ANTH/PSYC 327 Qualitative Research Methods
  SOCI 460View Syllabus Classical Social Theory 3 hrs
  SOCI 470View Syllabus Contemporary Social Theory 3 hrs
  SOCI 495View Syllabus Integrative Seminar 3 hrs
E. Anthropology Cluster (A minimum of three courses, of which two must be upper-level.) 9 sem. hrs
  ANTH 101View Syllabus (GEOG 101) Introduction to Geography* 3 hrs
  ANTH 212View Syllabus Cultural Anthropology* 3 hrs
  ANTH 319View Syllabus (HIST 319) History and Democracy of the Modern Middle East* 3 hrs
  ANTH 336View Syllabus (SOCI/WMST 336) Global Perspectives on Women and Development* 3 hrs
  ANTH 341View Syllabus (SOCI 341) Sociology and Anthropology of Religion 3 hrs
  ANTH 412View Syllabus (SOCI 412) Slavery and Human Trafficking: Past and Present* 3 hrs
F. Crime and Social Inequality Cluster (A minimum of three courses, of which two must be upper-level.) 9 sem. hrs
  SOCI 216View Syllabus American Social Problems 3 hrs
  SOCI 218View Syllabus Social Deviance 3 hrs
  SOCI 230View Syllabus The Sociology of Sport 3 hrs
  SOCI 312View Syllabus Organizations and Institutions 3 hrs
  SOCI 321View Syllabus Criminology 3 hrs
  SOCI 331View Syllabus Juvenile Delinquency 3 hrs
  SOCI 375View Syllabus (AMST 375) Social Movements 3 hrs
  SOCI 401View Syllabus The American Community 3 hrs
  SOCI 421View Syllabus Class, Status, and Power 3 hrs
  SOCI 499View Syllabus Internship 1-3 hrs
G. Gender and Family Cluster (A minimum of three courses, of which two must be upper-level.) 9 sem. hrs
  SOCI 210View Syllabus (WMST 210) The Sociology of Gender 3 hrs
  SOCI 214View Syllabus Family 3 hrs
  SOCI 310View Syllabus (WMST 310) Women and Society 3 hrs
  SOCI 350View Syllabus (HUMS 350) Social Gerontology 3 hrs
  SOCI 360View Syllabus (PSYC 360) Social Psychology 3 hrs
  SOCI 365View Syllabus (HUMS 365) American Social Policy 3 hrs
  SOCI 380View Syllabus Sociology of Culture and Mass Media 3 hrs
  SOCI 485View Syllabus (PSYC 485) Human Sexuality 3 hrs
  SOCI 485View Syllabus (WMST 485) Feminist Theory and Methodology 3 hrs
  SOCI 499View Syllabus Internship 1-3 hrs
H. Electives 22-25 sem. hrs
I. Total 120 sem. hrs


The Bachelor of Arts in Sociology degree is available at the following locations:

Main Campus, Day Program
Main Campus, Evening Program
Online Campus