Historiographic Exercise (25 pts)
Due Friday, Jan 26!

Using the resources available to you through the Stafford Library, (http://www.ccis.edu/offices/library/resources.asp)

I would like you to complete a short exercise that should help you get started on your final paper.  Part I.  Use the JSTOR search engine to analyze a three-year stretch of titles in the:

 Journal of Modern History





















Write down the titles of all articles that involve British imperial activity.  Examine the titles and write a paragraph or two explaining what you see as the historiographic trends in those three years, based on the titles.  What kind of history do the articles focus on?  What subjects did the authors (or editors) find important?  What eras did the studies cover?  Why do you think the scholars chose the subjects that they wrote about?  How did they approach their material?

Part II.  Choose one of the following journals—also accessible online:

Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History (2000-    )
Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History (2003 -    )
British Journal of Politics and International Relations (1999 -    )

And write down the titles of all the articles for one year of your choosing.  What are the historiographic trends in this year, as you can discern them (see questions above)?  Write a paragraph explaining this and comparing the more recent scholarship to the trends in the Journal of Modern History.

Type your paragraphs and hand them into me on Friday.

Part III.  While you are doing this assignment, look for articles or subjects that interest you as material for your final paper.  Save them electronically or print them out.


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