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 February 2011

Employee focus

Employee focus Chelsea Redding, administrative assistant, Academic Affairs

How long have you worked for Columbia College?
Just over one year.

Baring, Mo. Baring is in Knox County about half an hour east of Kirksville at the end of one of the curviest roads Iíve come across in my 22 years of existence (Highway 11). Itís of out in the middle of nowhere, 10 miles from the nearest gas station, and its most distinguishing feature is the train track that runs through town and forms the boundary line for the end of my yard. On busier days, trains go by with seemingly less than ten minutes in between and they blare their horns the whole way through town every time and they are LOUD.

What did you do before joining Columbia College?
I graduated from Knox County High School and enrolled at Columbia College after I earned a full tuition scholarship at Scholarship Day. I was a student worker in the Academic Affairs office until I was accepted for the administrative assistant position that I now occupy.

Science, technology, nature, traveling, kayaking, yard sale-ing, traveling, swimming, Netflix, "The Sims"

Tell us about your family
I am engaged to Brian Whitlow, a technician in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning shop in the Maintenance Department here at Columbia College. My mom is a nurse. My dad is a realtor/handyman. My younger brother is a senior in high school and plans to attend Columbia College when he graduates. My older sister lives in Kansas City and works at a software development company.

Tell us about something that influenced you
Columbia College has definitely had a great deal of influence on my outlook on life and my life goals.

If you could do anything in the world, what would that be?
Travel. I want to travel just about everywhere thatís above freezing and maybe a few of the more fantastic places. I want to see Australia, New Zealand, South America, the rest of North America, Africa, Asia, Europe and any tropical island that would have me.

Favorite TV shows
I like shows with witty, satirical humor like "Married with Children," "House," "Futurama," "The Simpsons," "Big Bang Theory" and "The Office," and almost anything on the Discovery or History channels.

Tell us a fact about yourself few people know
I have never been trick-or-treating. My parents were very strict.

What is playing in your car right now?
"The Bob & Tom Show."

What are some of your favorite words?
Words with interesting pronunciations that make them more fun to say ó unusual, incognito, perpendicular, haberdasher, enigma, befuddle, palindrome, et cetera.

What is your favorite food?

What is your favorite sports team?
None of them. Sorry sports fans☺