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 May 2009


That won't leave you feeling that bruised and battered

12 p.m., May 9 commencement, total graduate count

3:30 p.m., May 9 commencement, total graduate count

Number of summa and magna cum laude graduates, both ceremonies; an astounding 11.42 percent

Year by which President Obama says he wants the U.S. to have the world's highest percentage of college graduates; these numbers are notoriously fuzzy, but the U.S. may be as low as No. 11

Destroy, down to the very last stone
Russian President Dmitri Medvedev, on how to best reform his nation's higher education system, according to The Chronicle of Higher Education

2012 or 2013
Projected retirement date of the USS Enterprise, launched in 1961, per the Navy Times

Bye-bye ball caps
The Navy will all but eliminate ball caps in favor of Marine-style eight-point caps, also per the Navy Times

Number of Army Internet cafés now in Afghanistan, according to the Army Times

Percentage of new University of Virginia students who bring their own laptops to college, per The Chronicle

Percentage of all college students who took an online course in 2007, also according to The Chronicle