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 May 2009

Thank you, Columbia College!

The 2009 Silent Auction raised more than $2,800, the highest total ever.

The Relay for Life Team would like to thank the Columbia College family for supporting the annual silent auction with both generous donations and active shopping. The 2009 Silent Auction raised more than $2,800, the highest total ever for the event.

The list below contains the names of those people and organizations that donated items for sale and represents a wide cross-section of the Columbia College family that includes staff, faculty, local businesses, former employees and other benefactors. The team would also like to give a special shout out to our nationwide campuses.

A.L. Gustin Golf Course
Athletic Department
Aurora Campus
Campus Life
Carol Mahurin
Casey Riley
Cathy Eatherton
Christian County Campus
Chuck & Evy Crews
Columbia Country Club
Cost Cutters
Crystal Lake Campus
Darbi Gibson
Dr. Lori Brown
Dr. Michael Polley
Elgin Campus
Jefferson City Campus
Jodi Johnson
Kansas City Campus
Karen Beckstrom
Kelly Sharp
Kim Kliegel
Mandy Hagedorn
Marlyn Minor
Mary Jane Worstell
Megan Pettegrew-Donley
Osage National Golf
Phyllis Grant
Rolla Campus
Salt Lake City Campus
San Diego Campus
St. Louis Campus
Tanglewood Golf
Ted Krause
Theresa Graham
Tom Stauder
Whidbey Island Campus